Independent and trusted tests, reviews and investigations of barbecues and BBQ accessories.

BBQ Reviews

BBQs review

We test over 25 barbecues, including models from Weber, Jumbuck, Beefeater and more.

26 Nov 2014 | CHOICE reviews portable, balcony-sized and large (4-6 burner) barbecues, including latest models from Beefeater, Weber, and Ziegler & Brown.

Jamie Oliver Big Boy

First look: Jamie Oliver Big Boy BBQ

We check if this barbecue can turn you in a celebrity chef – or at least a happy camper.

14 Jan 2014 | CHOICE home economist Fiona Mair puts the Jamie Oliver Big Boy portable BBQ to the test.

The LotusGrill

First look: LotusGrill

The small, portable LotusGrill BBQ claims to offer healthy, smokeless cooking - but is it any good?

1 Nov 2013 | CHOICE home economist, Fiona Mair, puts the small and portable LotusGrill BBQ to the test.


Everdure eChurrasco first look

Our testers put this new fast-heating chargrill BBQ to the taste test.

12 Feb 2013 | The Everdure eChurrasco's manufacturers claim its gas ignition system will have you chargrilling like a pro in less than 15 minutes.

Person holding plate of food next to BBQ

Barbecue safely

Stay safe around the barbie.

9 Nov 2011 | Don't spoil your holiday - here are some tips on safe backyard entertaining.

Small barbeques

Small barbecues review

We test two-burner barbecues designed for small spaces.

11 Nov 2008 | When you're shopping for one, how can you tell which models will cook your food evenly? Will an electric BBQ perform as well as gas? Which will be the easiest to use?

Smart BBQ Cordless Power Grill Brush

Smart BBQ Cordless Power Grill Brush quick review

An essential barbecue tool, or just a wasteful gimmick?

9 Sep 2008 | We put the SMART BBQ Cordless Power Grill Brush, which claims to have "powerful brass bristle rotary brush action" to the test.

Gas BBQ on a stand

Barbecues review 2007

With summer here, it's the perfect time to get sizzling.

2 Nov 2007 | We tell you what to look for in a barbecue, how to maintain them, how to cook the perfect steak — and we tell you which models are the best from our test of seven 4-burner gas barbecues with hoods.


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