Shrink watch

Astute CHOICE shoppers have alerted us to the growing list of shrinking products on supermarket shelves.
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02.Who is to blame?

Uncle Tobys and Cadbury claim that when they reduced the size they also lowered the prices charged to retailers. CHOICE asked Coles and Woolworths if the lower prices were passed on to consumers. Both supermarket chains declined to comment.

We asked manufacturers to explain the reduction in size. Some offered creative explanations. According to Uncle Tobys, the smaller packaging is to “ensure our products remain affordable” (though the logic of this escapes us when the cereal actually costs more per serving). Cadbury says the “improvements” to their Dairy Milk bars “have been driven by one simple reason – consumer value”. 

Meanwhile, Trish Hyde, chief executive of the Confectionery Manufacturers Association, adds another spin to it: “The entire industry is doing it voluntarily. We are reverse engineering our portion sizes in order to better align them with how much is responsible to eat.” Pull the other one, it’s got bells on!


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