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Astute CHOICE shoppers have alerted us to the growing list of shrinking products on supermarket shelves.
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Overall inflation might be low, but food prices are on the increase, and more so in Australia than in any other developed nation. Adding insult to injury, some food and grocery manufacturers are covertly increasing prices by reducing the amount in the packet.

CHOICE subscribers, though, are not so easily hoodwinked. In response to our online survey subscribers told us about more than 30 of these mysteriously shrinking products. If you have any to add, let us know by adding a comment.

Please note: this information was current as of December 2009 but is still a useful guide today.

Topping the hit list

  • Cadbury received the most mentions for reducing the size of its Dairy Milk Chocolate bars 
  • Toilet rolls (various brands) were runners up. While they still look the same on the outside, the new rolls contain fewer sheets because manufacturers have increased the diameter of the cardboard tube in the middle
  • The Smiths Snackfood Company received nearly as many mentions for reducing the size of some of its packets of potato crisps and Twisties
  • Uncle Tobys (recipient of one of CHOICE’s 2009 Shonky Awards) didn’t go unnoticed when the company reduced the package size of some of its breakfast cereal brands
  • Other astute shoppers noticed that some brands of soap now come in smaller bars. While the soap looks the same until you take off the wrapper, the new bars been cunningly reshaped to be more concave so you actually get less soap per bar


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