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  • Updated:5 Oct 2005

02.Detox kits reviewed

The seven detox kits we reviewed were:

  • A. VOGEL Cleansing Program (15 days) - $57
  • BLACKMORES Detox Program (10 days) - $55
  • BRAUER Elimitona Slim & Detox Programme (20 days) - $27
  • HERRON ActiCleanse Detox Program (14 days) - $57
  • HILDE HEMMES’ HERBALS Detox Programs (six or 10 days) - $50
  • NATURE’S OWN Rapid Cleanse Detox Plan (10 days) - $60
  • QUICK CLEANSE Detox Program (15 days) - $65

(Listed in alphabetical order; prices are an average of the retail prices we saw in stores in March 2005)

The kits' contents varied, but essentially they all comprise of:

  • Dietary guidelines and/or a form of diet plan.
  • Supplements, in tonic and/or tablet/capsule and/or powder form.

Wallet watch

Based on the recommendations in some of the kits, it seems a detox kit can be a useful marketing tool for some of a brand’s other products. For example:

  • the BLACKMORES kit suggests you consider taking extra vitamins and minerals when undergoing your detox, and naturally recommends its own brand.
  • Totally Natural Products’ QUICK CLEANSE kit tells you, “It’s important to nourish your blood cells with nutrients immediately after completing the program”, and that it sells the supplements you need.
  • The meal suggestions in A. VOGEL’s detox program are based on its own-brand foods.
  • Most kits also recommend that you detox ‘regularly’ — BRAUER even goes so far as to suggest following its 10-day ‘maintenance’ plan every six weeks.

Detox kit manufacturers certainly don’t waste the opportunity to let you know about other products they sell. There’s clearly the potential for you to spend more money on the programs than just the cost of the kit.


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