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  • Updated:5 Oct 2005



In brief

  • There’s no sound evidence that we need to ‘detox’, or that following a detox program will increase the elimination of toxins from your body. See Do we really need to detox? for details.
  • Some detox kits have diet plans that are unnecessarily restrictive, and give dietary advice with poor or no rationale. See The diets for more.
  • Detox supplements provide little or no known benefit over a healthy diet. We suggest you save your money. See The supplements for more.
  • A week or two on a detox program won’t absolve you from a year of unhealthy eating, smoking or drinking too much alcohol.

Please note: this information was current as of October 2005 but is still a useful guide today.

'Detox’ or ‘liver cleansing’ diets have been around for years. Put simply, their intended effect is to purge the body of a supposed build-up of toxins, in order to regain good health.

Some of these diets require enormous dedication, but these days it’s claimed you need only purchase a detox kit from the shelves of your local healthfood store, chemist or supermarket, swallow some supplements and follow their dietary guidelines, and in most cases within three weeks you’re ‘cleansed’.

Do detox kits work?

There’s no shortage of glowing testimonials from people who’ve used detox kits, claiming to feel cleansed, energised and healthier. But when we went searching, evidence-based research to support the testimonials was thin on the ground.

  • First we bought all the detox kits we could find (see Detox kits reviewed ) and asked the manufacturers to supply evidence for the efficacy of their products, but none volunteered any, most citing commercial confidentiality as a reason.
  • Failing this, we went to other sources — scientific literature and experts in dietetics, gastroenterology, pharmacology and toxicology for the detox lowdown.


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