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We found many vegetarian meat substitutes are alarmingly high in salt - and taste bland.
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Table Allowing the user to select a number of products dependant on their filter options.
Items to compare

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Price ($)Overall scoreCategoryProtein (per 100g)Energy (kJ per 100g)Total fat (per 100g)Saturated fat (per 100g)Sugars (per 100g)Sodium (per 100g)Brand
Vegetarian chargrilled burgers7.49naBurger1859350.50.6700Tivall
Tofu vegie burgers (A)4.15naBurger17.273291.10.7290Nutrisoy
Vegetarian traditional burgers (A)5.49naBurger15.86274.42.25.3810Frys
Vegie delights Not burgers (A)4.99naBurger15.58707.20.71.2325Sanitarium
Vegie delights Lentil pattiesnanaBurger12.174080.81.7350Sanitarium
Vegie delights Thai sweet chilli and lime gourmet vegie burgers5.99naBurger10.37309.12.64.6535Sanitarium
Southern style burgers (A)5.99naBurger10.282910.821.9402Quorn
Chickpea gourmet vegetarian burger4.99naBurger7.697880.55.3150Pappa Nutal
Mediterranean gourmet vegetarian burger (A)4.99naBurger7.697880.55.3150Pappa Nutal
Red lentil vegie burgers4.98naBurger76440.70.16.5270Australian Eatwell
Chickpea and sunflower seeds vegie burgers4.98naBurger6.87323.80.47.5490Australian Eatwell
Exotic satay vegie burgers4.98naBurger4.95680.70.28.1290Australian Eatwell
Lentil vegetable burgers (A)4.98naBurger4.65161.40.31.1370Australian Eatwell
Meditarranean vegetable burgers3.79naBurger4.35081.40.31.5370Australian Eatwell
Vegie delights BBQ sausages4.95naSausages20.87207.30.61.9680Sanitarium
Vegie delights Original soy sausages4.95naSausages20.57708.60.73.9565Sanitarium
Vegie delights Vegie sausages (A)4.95naSausages17.382010.60.91.2590Sanitarium
Vegie delights Curried sausages4.95naSausages17.283010.70.91.2590Sanitarium
Vegie delights Rosemary, sage and parsley gourmet vegie sausages5.99naSausages16.310708.54.110.8550Sanitarium
Vegie delights Sundried tomato and kalamata olive gourmet vegie sausages5.99naSausages14.58806.82.98.5550Sanitarium
Meat free, soy free Sausages (A)5.99naSausages10.24072.71.21.1510Quorn
Tomato, onion and basil sausages4.48naSausages7.64631.10.26.6786Australian Eatwell
Sweet thai chilli vegetable sausages4.48naSausages7.55340.80.047.4657Eatwell Gourmet Selection
Vegie sausages - chickpea and spinach (A)4.48naSausages6.44510.90.043.5544Australian Eatwell
Garden fresh mixed vegetable sausages (B)4.48naSausages6.24325.1501Eatwell Gourmet Selection
Chickpea and spinach sausages4.48naSausages4.34111.30.24.5652Australian Eatwell
Vegetarian schnitzels (A)7.00naSchnitzels1675580.91.5700Tivall
Vegie delights - tender schnitzels (A)4.99naSchnitzels1579081.11.4670Sanitarium
Vegetarian crumbed schnitzels (A)6.59naSchnitzels12880114.951.6600Frys
Schnitzels cheese and spinach meat free soy free (A)5.99naSchnitzels9.1936122.23.3642Quorn
Vegetarian chicken-style strips (A)6.99naChicken-style strips20.41000135.20.7800Frys
Vegie delights Tender fillets4.95naChicken-style strips14.96306.40.72.1515Sanitarium
Pieces (A) (B)5.99naChicken-style strips14.84111.50.3370Quorn
Dippers (B)6.53naChicken-style strips10.96968.10.9485Quorn
Vegie delights Bacon style rashers (A)3.59naDeli slices18.598012.61.13.21050Sanitarium
Vegie delights Deli luncheon Henchen4.95naDeli slices18.57806.71.22.2710Sanitarium
Vegie delights Deli luncheon Smoked4.95naDeli slices17.77907.610.9625Sanitarium
Vegie delights Smoked deli slices3.69naDeli slices14.67209.50.80.6830Sanitarium
Vegetarian nuggets (A)5.50naNuggets16920121.31.5700Tivall
Vegetarian chicken-style strips6.99naNuggets1279094.630.3700Frys
Vegetarian frankfurters5.50naFrankfurters181021161.82.6800Tivall
Vegetarian cocktail sausages (A)5.50naFrankfurters181021161.82.6800Tivall
Vegie delights Hot dogs (A)4.95naFrankfurters16.67106.60.60.9465Sanitarium
Vegie delights - vegie mince4.95naOther21.45200.80.40.7410Sanitarium
Vegie delights - vegie roast with rosemary and mint glaze7.62naOther208805.30.62.2690Sanitarium
Meat free, Soy free Mince (B)5.99naOther15.94341.60.548Quorn
Veg express hearty vegetarian cottage pie6.58naOther11.93933.41.750.69400Frys
Vegie delights - Indian kumera and spinach kebabsnanaOther10.87109.72.63.4450Sanitarium
Sausage rolls6.53naOther9131022101.6599Quorn

Using the table

Nutrients Based on information provided on the label.
Traffic light criteria are based on the latest nutrition recommendations and dietary guidelines established by government health experts in Australia and internationally.
Price is based on prices paid in Sydney supermarkets on February 2011.

Table notes

na No overall score is available for these products as our taste test wasn't conducted on all products available. The comparison table will not work without this column in the table.
(A) Products that were included in the taste test.
(B) Where there is no figure showing in the nutritional breakdown, this figure is <1.0g/100g.


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