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Beware processed snacks that are loaded with sugar and bad fats.
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04.Compare the different snacks


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Table notes: Only single serve pre-packaged snacks were analysed, meaning some snack brands may be missing. There are no values in the 'Total score' column as we did not perform a taste test.


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Price ($)Product typeEnergy (kJ per 100g)Total fat (per 100g)Saturated fat (per 100g)Sugars (per 100g)Sodium (mg per 100g)Fibre (g per 100g)
Baked fruit filled bar Apple flavour 5 x 38g4.64Bars13000.90.149.81155.1
Oven baked ceraeal bar strawberry and blueberry duo 6 x 37.5g2.99Bars13200.90.230.322512.8
Bodywise Apple delight  6 x 35g4.89Bars13306.30.916.29025.4
fruit filled Apricot flavoured bars  6 x 37.5g2.49Bars13402.91.127.93456.8
fruit bar strawberry and blueberry  6 x 37.5g3.99Bars142041.229.42278.2
K-Time Twists Raspberry and apple 6 x 37g4.29Bars14205.80.835.61805.6
trail bars Honey nut 6 x 32g4.99Bars15408.41.61315011.8
Cereal bar Orange flavoured 6 x 30g2.99Bars15402.90.713.61807.6
AntiOx bar 40g1.99Bars167218.29.818.64511.6
Hifi plus yoghurt, macadamia and apricot1.39Bars171622.29.826.82915
Chewy muesli bar Strawberry and Yoghurt flavoured 8 x 31.25g1.99Bars172010.8827.81204.2
Special K Chocolatey Bars - raspberry flavour  6 x 21.5g2.39Bars17308.15.829.42502.5
Honey and oat slice - Apricot 80g1.57Bars179819.9612.3416.941937.5
Original fruit-free muesli bar 6 x 45g4.29Bars180018.2212.1457
Yoghurt Tops  Apricot   6 x 31.3g3.75Bars181016.38.830.1335
oat slice yoghurt peach and mango 100g1.89Bars181920.2413.5423.111777.1
Crunchy Nut Crumble 6 x 20g3.75Bars184016.23.516.82658.6
Yoghurt Apricot and Almond bar 6 x 35g4.29Bars1850225.625.2495.5
four currant + nuts + grains + seed 6 x 32g3.99Bars186021.73.226.31505.3
Crunchy Oats and Honey 6 x 42g4.49Bars193416.111273406.2
oat slice Nut Delight 100g1.89Bars195824.1212.3116.621847.9
strawberry Trio bar 35g1.29Bars202934.34.3171295.7
Yoghurt Almond and Apricot  40g1.59Bars2035.0230.720.2641.45486.55
Rice Syrup bar Cashew and honey 35g0.99Bars204729.15.231.1242.2
natural nut bar trail mix 6 x 32g3.99Bars214031.87.425.7576.1
Chocolate nut bar almond   6 x 30g3.99Bars2170337.928.334
Seasame Snaps Original 40g0.84Bars218030.54.637.899
Nut Delight 40g1.59Bars2181.0539.854.5220.1716.397.5
Nut Bar macadamia and hazelnut 45g1.59Bars221440.55.721.7147
Crunchy Nut Nutty 6 x 30g4.69Bars223035.610.926.22755.1
Rice Syrup bar Macadamia and honey  35g0.99Bars252750.6931.280.9
mini cakes Light fruit and sticky date 12 x 90g10Snack cakes13207.73.226.9220
Muffin bars choc chip  6 x 42g4.89Snack cakes1590144.728.73009.5
Muffin bars chocolate 6 x 42g4.89Snack cakes160014.82.225.32958.9
Trancetto 10 x 28g5.39Snack cakes164117.68.735.20.150.7
Little bites muffins choc chip 6 x 40g3.91Snack cakes165015.94.136.43659.3
Little bites muffins choc fudge brownies 6 x 40g3.91Snack cakes202024.1642.4270
Vive Lites mini choc 8 x 30g3.79Sweet biscuits17306.8334.13253.1
Homestyle Chunkies minis choc chip  8 x 25g3.99Sweet biscuits195916.81233.82605.1
mini sandwich cookies 12 x 30g2.98Sweet biscuits2060201228300
Tim Tam Fingers 90g0.99Sweet biscuits21602713.345170
Peaches in mango jelly 4 x 120g2.59Processed fruit420.10.11551.6
Peaches in Juice 4 x 125g2.79Processed fruit1800.10.19.65
diced apricot 140g2.95Processed fruit2020.10.17.781.2
pear with pomegranate 140g1.45Processed fruit2080.
diced peaches in fruit juice 140g2.59Processed fruit2100.30125
diced two fruits 140g1.45Processed fruit2270.
fruit salad in juice 140g1.45Processed fruit2380.
Peaches in mango jelly 120g3.58Processed fruit2800.301754
Australian sultanas 6 x 40g1.99Processed fruit5520.80.219.752.4
Apple & Berry fruballs  3 x 30g2.79Processed fruit4440.80.218421.5
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