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Instant noodles

Instant noodles are a quick, tasty snack or the basis of a small meal – but some are healthier than others.

9 Jan 2015 | Instant noodles are often high in sodium and saturated fat. We look at the better brands and give tips on how to make them healthier.

Christmas fruit mince pies and tarts on a platter

Christmas fruit mince pies review

Our test reveals you don't have to splurge to indulge in great-tasting fruit mince pies this Christmas.

27 Nov 2014 | With buttery shortcrust pastry and luscious, spiced fruit filling, fruit mince pies are a perennial favourite at Christmas. Our expert taste-testers review a dozen of them to find the tastiest tarts to serve this festive season.

breakfast on the go business woman eating apple on the run

Breakfast on-the-go products

What should you be eating for your first meal of the day? CHOICE checks out a number of on-the-go breakfast products.

24 Jun 2014 | The right breakfast can mean the difference between a good start to a day or a sluggish one – but finding a quick and simple option among the breakfast biscuits and other breakfast-on-the-go products can be tricky.

A child choosing between a healthy and an unhealthy lunch box

Kids' lunch box snacks

Processed snacks are a common addition to children's lunch boxes, but how do they rate nutritionally?

24 Jun 2014 | CHOICE reviews more than 260 processed snacks to find the nutritional disasters, reveal the healthier treats and help you pack the perfect lunch box.

Glasses of yoghurt

How to choose a healthy yoghurt

Are you eating a health food or a "dairy dessert"? We show you how to pick the healthiest yoghurts from the nutrition traps.

6 May 2014 | Yoghurts are marketed as healthy, but CHOICE has found some varieties have more sugar than a regular ice cream. Find out how to pick the healthiest yoghurts from the nutrition traps.

Anzac biscuits

ANZAC biscuits review

Which ANZAC biscuits are the tastiest? Our experts as well as some hungry staff members find out.

24 Apr 2014 | Choice tests five brands of ANZAC biscuits, including Unibic, Coles and Woolworths, with an expert review and a lay panel taste test.

What are the real facts about gluten free?

Is gluten-free food healthy?

Many people are chosing gluten-free food for health and weight loss, but is it just an expensive, unhealthy fad?

22 Apr 2014 | For many people gluten-free is a lifestyle choice to "feel better" or lose weight, but many of gluten-free foods are low in nutrition and high in kilojoules, fat and sugar.

best chocolate brands dark block

Best chocolate brands

Which are the best milk and dark chocolates on supermarket shelves? We put 24 of them to the all-important taste test.

14 Apr 2014 | Our latest chocolate taste test includes 11 milk and 13 dark chocolate brands. Find out if our experts taste testers agreed with the people's choice.

Hot cross buns reviews

Hot cross buns on test

Which hot cross buns should grace your table this Easter?

14 Apr 2014 | Using an expert judge and some enthusiastic taste testers, CHOICE put nine varieties of traditional fruit hot cross buns to the test.

Are organic fruits and vegetables free of pesticides?

Pesticide residue in fruit and vegetables

Does spending more on organic produce guarantee you'll avoid pesticide residues? We tested grapes from supermarkets, greengrocers and farmers' markets to find out.

25 Mar 2014 | Is it worth spending more on pesticide-free fruit and vegetables? We tested conventional and organic grapes to find out.

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