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If you can't or won't drink cow's milk, what are your options?
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Table Allowing the user to select a number of products dependant on their filter options.
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Price ($)CategoryFresh/UHTEnergy/100mL (kJ)Protein/100mL (g)Fat/100mL (g)Sat fat/100mL (g)Sugars/100mL (g)Sodium/100mL (mg)Calcium/100mL (mg)Added sugars/sweeteners?Brand
Almond Milk3.79AlmondUHT1500.62.70.2Australia's Own Organic
Oat Milk3.95OatUHT238110.1Australia's Own Organic
Rice Milk2.59RiceUHT2720.610.1Australia's Own Organic
Soy Light(A)SoyUHT15931.50.3Australia's Own Organic
Soy Malt Free2.59SoyUHT180230.4Australia's Own Organic
Soy Premium2.59SoyUHT213330.4Australia's Own Organic
Soy Milk1.86SoyUHT2442.93.30.7Black & Gold
Soy Milk4.49SoyUHT2414.12.20.3Bonsoy
Lite Soy Milk1.49SoyUHT1683.11<1Coles
Regular Soy Milk1.56SoyUHT2443.130.2Coles
Rice Supreme Rice Milk1.99RiceUHT275<110.1Inner Goodness (Aldi)
Soy Supreme Light Soy Milk1.49SoyUHT2013.41.50.2Inner Goodness (Aldi)
Soy Supreme Regular Soy Milk1.49SoyUHT2683.63.30.3Inner Goodness (Aldi)
Soy Supreme Regular Soy Milk1.69SoyFresh2603.13.40.4Inner Goodness (Aldi)
Organic Soy Milk1.99SoyUHT3053.63.20.6Just Organic
Organic Light Soy Drink2.09SoyUHT2153.21.70.3Macro
Organic Rice Milk2.29RiceUHT2570.61.10.1Macro
Organic Soy Drink2.09SoyUHT3113.14.70.5Macro
Oat Calcium5.95OatUHT1880.81.50.3NaturGreen
Organic Almond Original5.95AlmondUHT104.550.410.0Pacific Natural Foods
Organic Almond Milk6.95AlmondUHT1750.30.4<0.1Pureharvest
Organic Oat Milk2.79OatUHT2422.320Pureharvest
Rice Milk3.5RiceUHT2330.51.30.1Pureharvest
Rice Milk Calcium Enriched3.7RiceUHT2370.51.20.1Pureharvest
Organic Rice Milk2.49RiceUHT2330.51.30.1Pureharvest Aussie Dream
Organic Rice Milk Enriched with Calcium3.59RiceUHT2370.51.20.1Pureharvest Aussie Dream
Lite with added calcium2.45SoyUHT2322.91.50.3Pureharvest Aussie Soy
Original Soy Milk3.5SoyUHT3053.63.20.6Pureharvest Aussie Soy
Organic Enriched with Calcium3.95SoyUHT2342.52.30.4Pureharvest Nature's Soy
Organic Lite3.95SoyUHT2322.91.50.3Pureharvest Nature's Soy
Organic Malt-Free2.49SoyUHT1812.92.70.3Pureharvest Nature's Soy
Organic Original1.89SoyUHT3053.63.20.6Pureharvest Nature's Soy
99.9% Fat Free2.02SoyFresh1403.10.1<0.1Sanitarium So Good
99.9% Fat Free1.95SoyUHT1403.10.1<0.1Sanitarium So Good
Almond Milk2.79AlmondUHT1300.51.20.1Sanitarium So Good
Barista1.99SoyUHT1953.31.80.3Sanitarium So Good
Essential Soymilk2.59SoyUHT2203.21.50.2Sanitarium So Good
Lite2.02SoyFresh1603.10.90.1Sanitarium So Good
Lite1.95SoyUHT1603.10.90.1Sanitarium So Good
Regular2.02SoyFresh2603.13.40.4Sanitarium So Good
Regular1.95SoyUHT2603.13.40.4Sanitarium So Good
Rice Milk2.61RiceUHT2140.60.80.1Sanitarium So Good
Lite Soymilk1.79SoyUHT2003.21.40.2Sanitarium So Nice
Regular Soymilk1.79SoyUHT2603.130.4Sanitarium So Nice
Almond Plus Original(A)AlmondUHT121.9752.10.80.0So Delicious
Almond Plus Unsweetened(A)AlmondUHT69. Delicious
Coconut Milk Original5.95CoconutUHT870.4122So Delicious
Coconut Milk Unsweetened5.95CoconutUHT87.1250.42.12.1So Delicious
Calci Rich Soy2.19SoyUHT213330.4So Natural
Original Soy2.15SoyUHT234230.5So Natural
Rice Milk2.09RiceUHT2120.310.1So Natural
Rice Milk with Omega 3 DHA2.29RiceUHT2360.310.2So Natural
Soy Extra Milky(A)SoyUHT2643.43.40.3So Natural
Soy Light(A)SoyUHT15931.50.3So Natural
Oat Milk Original2.49OatUHT25811.90.3Vitasoy
Rice Milk Original2.87RiceFresh2090.31.20.1Vitasoy
Rice Milk Original2.9RiceUHT2090.31.20.1Vitasoy
Rice Milk Protein Enriched2.9RiceUHT2311.51.20.1Vitasoy
Lite 98.5% Fat Free2.34SoyFresh15931.50.3Vitasoy Soy Milky
Lite 98.5% Fat Free2.25SoyUHT15931.50.3Vitasoy Soy Milky
Regular2.34SoyFresh2203.230.4Vitasoy Soy Milky
Regular2.25SoyUHT2203.230.4Vitasoy Soy Milky
Home Brand Rice Milk1.99RiceUHT2450.61.30.2Woolworths
Home Brand Soy Drink1.49SoyUHT3002.74.60.7Woolworths


  • Prices are per litre, based on the prices we paid in Sydney supermarkets and health food stores in Feb 2012.
  • Nutrition and ingredient details are taken from the product label.


ns Not specified on the label

(A) Not purchased. Nutrition and ingredient details taken from company website.

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