Weight loss

Independent and trusted advice about weight loss, including information about weight loss myths, weight loss pills, and gastric banding.


Stay slim strategies

A huge US survey by our sister organisation reveals six diet and exercise secrets of the slim.

22 Jun 2010 | Are there key eating and exercise strategies that are trademarks of the slim? Learn the secrets of those who never get fat.

Gastric banding

Gastric banding

As a last resort, it can be an effective way to drop the life-threatening kilos.

19 Jan 2010 | Gastric banding is promoted as a safe, easy and effective way for obese people to lose weight. CHOICE investigates the claims.


Body fat scales reviews

Body fat scales can be a better indicator of overall health than their conventional cousins. CHOICE weighs up the options.

10 Dec 2009 | We tested 12 bathroom scales that measure body fat percentage as well as weight. But can they make you appear healthier than you really are?

Diet plan

Pharmacy diet plans

A growing number of pharmacies are getting into the weight-loss business, but how do these diet plans weigh up?

20 Jan 2009 | Pharmacy diet plans may help to shed extra kilos quickly, but most fail to deal effectively with the complex broader issues around weight loss.



CHOICE is concerned the weight loss drug is being sold inappropriately.

14 Feb 2007 | The National Drugs and Poisons Scheduling Committee has withdrawn permission for Xenical to be advertised directly to consumers. However, it did not change Xenical's status to a S3 'pharmacist only' drug.


Slimming pills

Can losing weight be as easy as popping the latest pill?

5 Dec 2005 | If you read the ads and are left with the impression that simply popping a few pills could be the answer to all your weight worries.

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The names (but not amounts) of all the ingredients in the product
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