Fitness and gyms

Independent and trusted reviews and tests of fitness products and gyms, including information about gym contracts, and choosing a personal trainer.

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Common exercise myths busted

There’s a lot of misleading information about exercise — we take a look at fitness facts and fictions

17 Feb 2015 | There are many myths about exercise — fictions which are endlessly perpetuated and validated through sheer repetition.


Gym contracts − what to look out for

We do the heavy lifting when it comes to negotiating your gym contract.

9 Feb 2015 | Gym contracts are easy to sign, but can be difficult to cancel. We outline the tricky terms and conditions to watch out for.


Fitness à la carte

Gyms that cater to different ways of working out

14 Aug 2013 | Gyms are diversifying to provide 24-hour access, fast workouts and specific types of workout, like CrossFit. Which one is right for you?

Woman boxing with trainer

Choosing a personal trainer

Look for someone who's qualified, registered and with good interpersonal skills.

12 Dec 2012 | Personal training should be a holistic, lifestyle approach to health and fitness — not just having someone make you run around for an hour.


Exercise experts

We explain how you can get the right advice for your exercise needs.

23 Jul 2012 | We take a look at the main types of fitness professionals, and what to look for when choosing one.

Punching bag

Unfair gym contracts common

CHOICE reveals the pressure tactics gyms use to lock you into their contracts.

29 Apr 2009 | It's a common scenario: you decide it's time to do something about your health and fitness and head to the nearest gym, keen to change some bad habits.



It’s a jungle out there and our gym survey discovered plenty of pitfalls for the unwary.

12 Jul 2004 | Interested in discovering the scope and prevalence of consumer issues with regard to gyms, CHOICE conducted an Australia-wide online survey.


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