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FRUITRIENCE Raspberry and Pink Grapefruit Enriched

Price per 100 mL: $1.97 Fruitrience Shampoo Bottle

Trialist comments:

  • “Worked well and I would definitely use it again. Made my hair feel nice.”
  • “My hair felt softer and healthier than usual. It seemed to leave [it] in better condition — my hair wasn’t so fuzzy or brittle.”
  • “My hair was squeaky clean after rinsing and felt good.”

DOVE Revitalising

Price per 100 mL: $2.11 Dove Shampoo Bottle

Trialist comments:

  • “Cleans, not drying, good wash and lather …”
  • “Made my hair feel soft [and] look shiny as if I’d been to the hairdresser.”
  • “Nice to use, no strong perfume. Hair styled well after use.”


GARNIER Fructis Fortifying

Price per 100 mL: $2.06 Garnier Shampoo Bottle

Trialist comments:

  • “Loved the way my hair felt — clean, not dry.”
  • “Felt good on my scalp, nice smell and my hair felt quite clean.”
  • “Very good consistency and lathering effects.”


What about the rest?

  • The most expensive shampoo in the trial, KÉRASTASE Bain Satin 1, cost $11 per 100 mL and rated equal fourth (alongside JOICO Triage, another salon brand, at $6.65/100 mL, and TRESEMMÉ, which cost only 84 cents per 100 mL). That’s not a bad result, but still an awful lot more money for something not rated quite as high.
  • Shampoos that did best overall were the ones that were thought to clean well, have an appealing smell (generally floral or fruity) and a satisfactory consistency and lather.
  • Though there was a slight drop between the first three performers and the rest, you’d probably be fairly happy with the performance of the first dozen or so shampoos in the table.
  • Price and fragrance would probably be the two clinchers as to whether you’d want to buy one of them or not.
  • At 84 and 80 cents per 100 mL respectively, TRESEMMÉ Vitamin C Deep Cleansing and DECORÉ Normal were two of the cheaper brands that rated well.
  • The cheapest shampoo of all, NO FRILLS Family Normal, bombed at second from the bottom.
  • We asked our Home Testers to tell us if they found any of the shampoos irritating to their skin or eyes. Surprisingly, shampoos listed by a few trialists as irritating included some that claim to be particularly gentle, but almost all the irritation reported was only mild.

Where's Sunsilk?

You’re probably wondering why there’s no SUNSILK in the trial.
As is often the case, some products didn’t make it into our trial because their manufacturers changed the formulation around the time of the trial or the products were discontinued during it.

In our last shampoo user trial (November 2001) SUNSILK Maximum Shine was rated equal third.


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