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Hair straightener reviews

We have test results for 15 popular hair straighteners priced from $30 to $300, including models from GHD, Cloud Nine and Silver Bullet.
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Trial test results for 15 hair straighteners priced from $30 to $300

When it comes to hair straighteners, claims like "silicone speed strips for faster straightening and increased shine" and “ceramic plates infused with tourmaline generate negative ions and far-infrared heat, which seals in moisture and eliminates frizz" may sound appealing. But is there any truth to them?

To separate the science from the fiction, we recruited 10 volunteers to trial 15 hair straighteners on clean, tangle-free and dry hair. Due to the extensive safety warnings and instructions accompanying each product, brands names could not be disguised.

How we test

Participants were asked to evaluate the straighteners for the following measures:

Directly-after-use evaluation

  • Effectiveness of straightening
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of manoeuvrability
  • Heat-up speed
  • Temperature suitability
  • Time taken
  • Amount of “passes” through hair
  • Smoothness moving through hair

End-of-day evaluation

  • Duration of result
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Overall rating

Brands tested

  • Bio Ionic Onepass 1" NS-26
  • Cloud Nine Original Iron C9-M1.2
  • Diva Professional Ceramic Styler THLC11
  • GHD Eclipse 6.0
  • GHD IV Styler 4.2B
  • GlamPalm Hair Iron GP201BL
  • Halo The Kate GI-A207BS
  • Instyler Ionic Ceramic Rotating Iron IS1005.1
  • Philips Care & Control Straightener HP8343/00
  • Remington Professional Smooth Finish Ceramic S-3505
  • Remington Salon Pro Silk Ceramic S-9600
  • Silver Bullet Chocolat GBF-1038 plus Maxi-Mini (A)
  • Silver Bullet Wicked HS-035
  • VS Sassoon Goddess Conditioning Ionic Steam VSP95A plus MiniPro VS18A
  • VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Style Straightener VS229A

(A) Manufacturer says this model and its mini version have been discontinued. You may still find some in stores.

CHOICE testing is different

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Did you know?

A hair straightener works by breaking down the hydrogen bonds that make your hair curly, leaving it straight until it’s next exposed to moisture.

Frizzy hair? Dry, damaged hair tends to be frizzy because the outer layer of the hair – the cuticle – is damaged and allows more moisture penetration. If you have healthy hair, humid air won’t affect your hair much.

Want healthy hair? Eat more protein and iron-rich foods. Our hair consists almost entirely of protein, and 15-20% of our protein intake is used for skin and hair replacement. A low iron level is a common underlying cause of thinning hair in women.


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