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One ‘volumising’ mascara stood out by a length — but at a price.
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  • Updated:14 Dec 2006



User trial of 13 black, non-waterproof mascaras priced from $9.50 to $50

61 people trialled the 13 mascaras for us. Participants were given a selection of mascaras with all product names removed. They trialled each one for three days.

We asked our trialists to assess:

  • How well it reached and coated fine hairs.
  • How evenly it spread on their lashes.
  • How quickly it dried and how long it took to wear off.
  • How easy it was to remove.
  • How effective it was at curling, separating, lengthening and thickening their lashes.
  • Whether it smudged, clumped, flaked or ran, or if it irritated their eyes.

Please note: this information was current as of December 2006 but is still a useful guide today.


Our results show that a big name or a higher price is not always a guarantee of how much you’ll like a product.
One of the highest rated mascaras was considerably cheaper than others rated equally.

Brands trialled

  • AUSTRALIS Lash Magnitude Volumising
  • CLARINS Wonder Volume
  • ELIZABETH ARDEN Double Density Maximum Volume
  • ESTÉE LAUDER Magnascopic Maximum Volume
  • LANCÔME Amplicils Full Dimension Volume
  • MAX FACTOR 2000 Calorie
  • MAYBELLINE Volum' Express Turbo Boost
  • NAPOLEON Perdos Peep Show Madame Fantasia Volumising
  • REVLON Fabulash
  • RIMMEL Xtreme Volume Instant Full Volume Comb
  • SHISEIDO Advanced Volume
  • THE BODY SHOP Volumising
  • YVES SAINT LAURENT Luxurious Mascara

Where's L’OREAL?

The L’OREAL mascara that fell into the ‘volumising’ category is a ‘two-step’ product — a double-ended tube consisting of a white ‘primer’ at one end and the mascara at the other. Our market research only identified a few two-steps on the market at the time of our trial. We didn’t include them because they’re too obviously different from the other mascaras to be able to compare them fairly.



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