Childsafe headphones quick review

Headphones designed to protect your child’s ears from excessive noise.
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  • Updated:15 Oct 2008

01.Philips Headband Headphones SHK1030

Please note: this information was current as of October 2008 but is still a useful guide to today's market.

HeadphonesPrice $30

Children grow up fast, and it’s not long before they develop an interest in music, especially with the ubiquitous white cords from Apple’s iPods trailing out of many people’s ears these days. So it’s not surprising that they may want to listen to their own music, or you may want them to listen to their music privately — especially if it’s the Wiggles on repeat.

We looked at a pair of headphones designed specifically for children aged six years or above. While the lead for plugging into a suitable music player is short, it’s suitable for a child.

How they work

A main selling point of these headphones is the volume-limiting feature. This works in a very basic way. There is a volume control on the headphone lead which has a very small amount of travel to change the volume which the child can easily use.

On the reverse, two screws cover another volume control which allows the parent to limit the maximum volume which the child can listen. This means you can limit the potential damage that loud sounds can cause. Fine adjustments would be difficult to make, but it’s suitable for limiting volume.

A savvy child may realise that a quick job with a cross head screwdriver will let them get to the highest claimed volume limit, but it’s unlikely. A quick dollop of glue on the screws will delay that outcome.

CHOICE verdict

Despite its limited volume adjustment, the headphones do provide a way of protecting your child’s ears. The fact that they rely on some screws to provide that protection will prevent most children from turning up their latest Wiggles tune up to full volume.



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