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networked speakers lead

Networked wireless speaker reviews

Networked wireless speakers can connect you to all your digital music, but they can be tricky to set up.

28 Jan 2015 | We test 18 networked wireless speakers from Bose, Denon, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and more.


Bluetooth wireless speakers reviews

Bluetooth wireless speakers let you play music on the go while keeping your smartphone or music player close to hand.

8 Aug 2014 | We review 16 wireless speakers, priced from $199 to $399, including models from Sony, Bose, JBL, Jabra and Logitech.


Pure Audio review

Audiophile quality without the audiophile budget may be sweet music to your ears.

11 Apr 2014 | Pure Audio is a an uncompressed music format delivered via Blu-ray disc that can be played on any Blu-ray player as well as the Sony PS3 or PS4.

Rechargeable AA batteries

Rechargeable AA battery reviews

How well do "ready to use" rechargeable AA batteries compare?

21 Nov 2012 | Our latest test results rate 15 NiMH rechargeable batteries, to see which hold their capacity and last longer in storage.


iPod speaker dock reviews

Some can be used as a sound system for a flat, but most will struggle if you turn them up.

1 Mar 2012 | Price is no guarantee of quality when it comes to iPod docks.

Digital rights management

Digital rights - who owns your download?

Think you really own the movies, eBooks and video games you've bought or downloaded? Think again.

22 Jul 2010 | Copyright owners are using Digital Rights Management (DRM) to prevent copying and other uses of digital media they don't like. It's bad news for consumers, even honest ones.

BASE music system with direct encoding TT-186WWEA

Base turntable First Look

BASE music system with direct encoding TT-186WWEA

19 Jul 2010 | This system can convert your old vinyl records to MP3 files.


Q Acoustics Q-TV2 first look

If you're disappointed with the sound from your TV, this could be a neat solution.

1 Feb 2010 | This audio device attaches to the back of your TV and can fit 81cm-106cm screen sizes.


FutureSwitch quick review

Two energy savers claim to help navigate your path to power salvation.

7 Jul 2009 | These two devices save you reaching behind your audio-visual gear or all the peripherals around your computer to turn off the power switch, in turn saving you money on your energy bill.

Sound bar

Sound bars review

Fewer boxes, easier connections, compromised sound.

24 Mar 2009 | A sound bar is a box with a number of speakers in it. It's designed to sit just below your TV screen, and uses clever technology to approximate some of the effects of having speakers placed around the room.

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