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Apple iPhone 4S first look

CHOICE tries out the Apple iPhone 4S to see if it's a worthy upgrade.

17 Oct 2011 | We take a hands-on look at the iPhone 4S and find out how it compares to its predecessors.


Optus Home Zone first look

If you're experiencing connection problems, the Optus Home Zone may be the answer.

26 Sep 2011 | The Optus Home Zone 3G cell can turn a mobile phone black spot into five bars of communication.


Smartphone operating systems review

Smartphones are now mini-computers, so you need to consider what operating system (OS) your next mobile will use.

30 Aug 2011 | The mobile phone OS has transformed the phone into to a web-surfing, social networking tool however while Apple's iOS and Google's Android dominate the landscape, there are other options emerging.

Sony Ericsson Xperia

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play First Look

The Play is a combination of products that come together surprisingly well for a first generation.

11 Apr 2011 | This touchscreen phone comes into its own as a device for games.


Motorola Defy First Look

An Android phone for new users who want a 'tough' product.

5 Apr 2011 | The Motorola Defy is a good entry-level phone for Andriod users.


Print from mobile with Dropbox

Using Dropbox to print from mobile devices

25 Mar 2011 | We show you how to print from a mobile phone or PDA on your home printer and provide a download of a zipfile containing a program to install on your computer.

Mobile phone

People's CHOICE Award: Best Value Mobile Phone Service

TPG voted best mobile carrier in the 2011 CHOICE Awards.

22 Mar 2011 | If you’re not happy with your current mobile plan, perhaps it’s time to look past the big players for a fresh alternative.


Touchscreen mobile phone reviews

We found quality, features and performance differ enormously between models.

24 Feb 2011 | Our review of 18 touchscreen phones includes the Apple iPhone4 and HTC's Desire, Legend and Wildfire.


Simplifying the smartphone

Five things you need to know before buying a new mobile phone.

21 Dec 2010 | CHOICE takes some of the confusion out of smartphone technology.

iPhone 4 review

Nokia N8 first look

See our video of the Nokia N8 in action and read our quick review.

3 Dec 2010 | We take a first look at the Nokia N8.


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