Smartphone operating systems review

Smartphones are now mini-computers, so you need to consider what operating system (OS) your next mobile will use.
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The operating system (OS) in your mobile phone has become increasingly important in transforming your phone into a music player, camera, personal assistant and GPS navigator. There is no doubt that Apple helped bring the smartphone to the masses and the latest Android handsets from various companies such as Samsung, HTC and Sony are set to deliver lots of choice for mobile users.


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HTC Incredible S

Scored 73/100 73%

Good points:

• The Android OS comes in various flavours (versions are named after desserts) with each handset maker allowed to incorporate their own variation or ‘skin’.
• Our testers found the HTC phone delivered a better experience with its Sense software allowing easy customization as well as good syncing with the PC.
• The Android OS offers good support for most video and audio formats including Flash video content and is the most customizable of the OS choices.

Bad points:

• While the app marketplace delivers a good choice of apps for work and entertainment, the overall performance of the Android Market place is not as effective as Apple’s App Store.


Apple iPhone 4

Scored 70/100 70%

Good points:

• The current iOS4 is easy to use and its slick App Store and iTunes integration makes it a good option if you like using iTunes.
• The closed nature of the OS has been seen as a negative for users wanting to put their own personality to the interface, but some users may actually prefer this type of consistency.

Bad points:

• It is the only OS that requires the user to sync with a PC to register the device and many of the tasks such as app purchases (for apps over 20MB) and updates need to be carried out on a home network connected to a PC or Mac. This is set to change with the release of iOS5 which will allow Apple users to sync with other devices without connecting to a PC.

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