Smartphone operating systems review

Smartphones are now mini-computers, so you need to consider what operating system (OS) your next mobile will use.
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Nokia’s announcement that it is abandoning its Symbian OS in favour of Windows Mobile 7 later this year will make Microsoft’s OS the main alternative to Android and Apple. Look to see Windows Phone 7 on more handsets in 2012 competing with Apples iOS5 and Android 3.0.


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Samsung Nexus S

Scored 69/100 69%

Good points:

• The Android OS comes in various flavours (versions are named after desserts) with constant upgrades offering added features and functionality.
• The Android OS offers good support for most video and audio formats including Flash video content and is the most customizable of the OS choices.

Bad points:

• While the app marketplace delivers a good choice of apps for work and entertainment, the overall performance of the Android Market place is not as effective as Apple’s App Store.


LG Optimus 7

Scored 62/100 62%

Good points:

• Windows Phone 7 is showing the most potential among the alternatives to Apple (iOS) and Android, by allowing any mobile phone company to use the OS (like Android) but forcing a strict level of homogeny over the hardware specifications and interface look and feel (like Apple).
• The Windows Phone 7 interface appears the same no matter what hardware you use, which could be seen as a good point if you want an Apple like consistency or a bad point if you like the Android ability to customise the OS.

Bad points:

• MS Office users will see the lack of support for Outlook for mail and contact synchronization as baffling when it’s a Microsoft program and Apple support it more effectively.


Nokia E7

Scored 62/100 62%

Good points:

• The OS is very mature, developed over a decade, and is simple and effective to operate for general tasks such as setting up a contact list and customizing the menu structure.

Bad points:

• While Windows Phone 7 is on the way up, the Symbian OS which is most associated with Nokia phones is well and truly on the way out.
• With the announcement by Nokia that there will be no further development in the OS, it would be wise to consider another OS if you want to take advantage of future technologies and features.


BlackBerry Bold 9780

Scored 50/100 50%

Good points:

• Emails take much longer to arrive and the initial setup requires a subscription service to be activated and is very convoluted compared to the other OSs. Blackberry may remain the only option if your company issues you with your phone to use. However unless you need bullet proof security for your email, this OS doesn’t really have anything compelling to offer compared to Android or Apple.

Bad points:

• The Blackberry OS has the most secure corporate based email environment and if you have chosen this system (or had your IT department choose it for you) this is the feature you probably need most.

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