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We test five simple to use mobile phones priced from $175 to $340.
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06.Why you can't buy these mobiles locally

All but one of these mobiles (the Oricom) was never available in Australia even when CHOICE started this test, so you may be wondering why we tested these mobiles if you can’t walk into a shop and buy them?
Firstly, CHOICE conducted this test because we felt the major phone makers were ignoring people who simply wanted a simple to use mobile. There seemed to be little choice for mobiles that had simple menus, big buttons and the ability to get a loud ringtone and volume control.
This test was an attempt to embarrass local retailers to start satisfying a market that may not want the latest and greatest smartphone.
Since this story has been published, some local mobile operators have seen fit to make the models available locally, however it’s still not widespread. For example, Telechoice, an Australian retailer has the Doro 410 available for $169 at
And searching on sites such as or also brings up results for locally available online stores for the Doro 410 and 338.

The second reason we tested these models was that although not available locally, the online world of shopping means that the mobiles were still attainable.
All the phones for the CHOICE test were bought from the UK Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) ( by CHOICE and sent to Australia in order to confirm local phone network support. The prices in the table represent purchase price plus delivery charge, using the exchange rate that was effective at the time.
For further information on international orders and deliveries please contact them on 44 (0) 1733 37 54 00 or email
I found that Maxine Lewis (Mrs) was the person I talked to at the time and she mentioned that it’s OK for Australian buyers to either use the email address you showed above or her email on (maybe cc her address).

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