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Price ($)Overall scoreWrite test, 5GB small files (h:mm:ss) averageRead test, 5GB small files (h:mm:ss) averageWrite test, 5GB large files (h:mm:ss) averageRead test, 5GB large files (h:mm:ss) averageDimensions (HxWxD, mmWeight (g)Stated capacity (GB)Usable capacity (GB) (B)Advertised as ruggedisedWarranty (years)WebsiteGood PointsBad PointsBrand
Datatraveler Ultimate 3.01148907:53 / 06:0703:08 / 02:0703:19 / 01:2302:38 / 01:0374x22x1626Kingston
DataTraveler Vault Privacy2037919:2203:1806:3102:4978x22x1215Kingston
FlashIT secure1727822:0003:1205:0402:4954x17x811Comsol
JetFlash V70617617:5604:4907:0704:3461x22x1113Transcend
Microvault Click607321:0703:3912:1203:1464x17x99Sony
Rotating Pocket Disk457120:4405:1806:0105:0357x19x1116Shintaro
RUF2-PS series777020:1505:4309:0305:2021x17x83Buffalo
Intelligent Drive i812617043:1403:1308:3902:4733x12x65PQI
Ultra Backup717026:4904:4607:3904:2373x22x1113Sandisk
Store 'n Go Micro USB507023:4505:2206:3505:0431x12x21Verbatim
Flash Voyager486832:5903:3012:0003:0474x23x1417Corsair
Key Pocket Disk426528:4805:2311:4804:5661x27x511Shintaro
Jumpdrive Firefly436126:4205:2316:3105:0550x21x109Lexar


Price paid: in November 2010.

Performance       Based on the average recorded time for read and write tests, using 5.1GB of multiple files (various sizes).

Specifications      Dimensions, the size of the device, rounded up to the nearest millimetre (mm); Weight, the mass of the device, rounded up to the nearest gram (g); Stated Capacity, the stated capacity of the device (GB); Usable capacity, the capacity available under Windows (GB); Default file system, all portable storage devices in this test featured the FAT32 file system by default. Ruggedised, specifically designed to reliably operate in harsh usage environments and conditions.


[A]     All performance tests were conducted using the FAT32 file system. Performance ranking was based on using results of testing using the USB 2.0 connection. Overall Score is weighted equally between read and write tests.

[B]     Usable capacity is determined after attaching the devices to the test system (running Win 7 Professional 64-bit), straight out of the box. Some may have different capacities due to the included software and formatting.

[C]     The only device with a USB 3.0 interface. It was tested using both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, but  the performance score was derived from the USB 2.0 results. USB 3.0 timings are included to show the difference between the interface types.

[D]     Definitions of Lifetime may vary, check the documentation wording carefully.

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