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Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides. Compare price and performance of external and internal hard drives and accessories.

3TB and 4TB desktop hard drives

External 3TB and 4TB desktop hard drives review

We compare eight of the largest single-drive USB 3.0 external desktop storage devices.

24 Jan 2014 | We test eight drives from Buffalo, La Cie, Seagate, and others for performance, capacity, features and ease of use.


Seagate Slim First Look

We check out an external hard drive that's no thicker than a pen

23 Oct 2013 | Seagate has released a 500GB external hard drive that weighs just 150 grams. Is a smaller package worth the asking price?


Seagate Wireless Plus first look

We give this portable multimedia hub with Wi-Fi hotspot and 1TB storage the once-over.

26 Mar 2013 | The Seagate Wireless Plus lets you stream multimedia to your smartphone or tablet on the go. So what's our verdict?


External NAS hard drive reviews

We test 10 Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices that can store your files and serve everybody on your network.

13 May 2011 | Network-Attached Storage lets you store files in one central place and access them from multiple computers at the same time.


External 2TB hard drives review

Doubling in capacity every year is the norm and still the cheapest way to dramatically boost your storage capacity.

17 Aug 2010 | We review 9 of the latest drives with a variety of connections.


ioSafe Solo First Look

Is this tough external hard drive tough enough to give you total peace of mind?

30 Jul 2010 | It's shock-resistant and designed to withstand real world disasters.

External Hard Drive 1TB

External 1TB hard drive reviews

One terabyte external hard drives – give your PC a welcome capacity boost for less than $200.

8 Jan 2010 | The quickest and most cost-effective way to add massive storage space to your computer system.

Media hub

Media hubs review

We compare 10 media devices for playing high definition files on your TV.

2 Jul 2009 | These days it seems that just about everything is going digital and high definition (HD), but if you create or download HD content to your computer, how do you get it over to your TV?


Storage options

Backing up is essential to protect your data, but which medium will you choose?

25 Feb 2008 | It’s all well and good to have a backup plan for preserving your data, but where will you back up your files? What type of storage solution will suit you?


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