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  • Updated:3 Apr 2007

04.Finding friends

The Search for Skype Users feature lets you look for other Skype users using the Skype directory.

Finding friends

  • Click Search in the main Skype window to bring up a form that lets you list their Skype name, full name, email address or simply geographical area. You can also select gender and age options.
  • A checkbox lets you restrict your search to people who are in Skype Me mode. This mode is set by users to let people know they’re available and interested in talking or chatting.
  • A note of caution: the Skype Me mode includes people you don’t know and haven’t authorised to be in your contact list. It also temporarily disables your privacy settings, so anybody can contact you. Your privacy settings are restored when you leave Skype Me mode.
  • To enable or disable Skype Me mode go to the File menu and select Change Online Status - Skype Me.
  • You can use the same menu to set your status to Offline, Away, Not Available, Do Not Disturb or Invisible.

Join the "party line"

You don’t have to talk to just one contact at a time. You can create your own "party line" with Skype’s conference call feature.

Go to the Tools menu and select Create a Conference Call.

Conference calls can include both free Skype contacts as well as SkypeOut contacts. You can add up to nine contacts to your Conference participants list.

Click Start to begin the call. You can use the same options as a normal Skype call, such as view a contact’s profile or send them a file.

If you want to talk to more people at once, you can start or join a Skypecast — a large, hosted call with up to 100 people. Skypecasts are listed ahead of time in the Skype directory so others can find them and make themselves available to join.

If you try Skype but run into problems, or just want to know more, check out the user guides on its website.

Click on Help in the top menu and User Guides in the left-hand panel. There’s also an online guide and searchable Knowledgebase for troubleshooting.


  • PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network - the international telephone system based on copper wires carrying analogue voice data.
  • VoIP: Voice over IP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol uses the internet for sending voice rather than a telephone network.

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