Networking accessories

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Media hubs and streamers

Seven media hubs and streamers put to the test in the CHOICE labs.

26 Mar 2014 | With the ability to play music, videos and pictures on your TV and stream directly from the internet, media hubs can be great tools for today's digital age.


First look: Seagate Central

We get hands-on with Seagate’s NAS media hub

13 Nov 2013 | Access files anywhere and stream your media to devices within your home - the Seagate Central claims to do it all, but does it live up to its promises?

House connection

Powerline Networking

Network your home instantly using its existing electrical wiring.

29 Aug 2011 | Powerline devices provide a simple home networking alternative or addition to traditional Ethernet cabling and Wi-Fi.


Networking 101

CHOICE guide to setting up a home network.

20 Aug 2010 | Share data and internet access between all your computers and devices, whether by cable or wireless. These basic principles will help you set up your own.

Woman with laptop

Wireless networking at home

Wireless networking allows you to access the web anywhere in the home.

7 May 2009 | CHOICE reveals the issues you need to consider before you incorporate Wi-Fi into your home networking environment.

Media streaming device

Media streaming devices review

Wireless music and movies, anywhere in the home.

18 Feb 2008 | Having spent time converting your music collection to MP3, it seems a little old fashioned to have to play the CDs in a CD player.


Bluetooth headsets

They’re stylish and useful — but not entirely hassle-free.

4 Jul 2007 | Bluetooth headsets make it easier to walk and talk with your mobile phone. But are they comfortable?



ADSL2 is the new kid on the broadband block.

7 Apr 2007 | More households are opting for broadband over dial-up internet services, looking for better speeds and fewer delays and disruptions.

CHOICE reviews bluetooth

Using bluetooth

Bluetooth lets gadgets talk to each other wirelessly.

5 Jun 2006 | Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets gadgets and computers talk to each other. The most complex part of Bluetooth is pairing your devices.


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