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  • Updated:9 Jul 2013

04.Unblocking geo-blocks

While most international providers have put geo-blocks in place to prevent viewers in other regions accessing their content, there are some ways around it. Our article on geo-blocking explains how to circumvent geographic restrictions and the legalities.

Local consumers have been able to circumvent restrictive geo-blocks using legal paid services such as and These cost about $5 per month and effectively hide your computer’s country address when accessing overseas websites.

A couple of free browser plugins are also now available which do the same thing. Hola uses Chrome and Firefox plugins on both Windows and Macs. It works with a range of online music and video services including Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, iTV and Channel 4.

Similarly, Media Hint also offers Chrome and Firefox plugins. The service works in the background, unlike Hola, which has an icon in the desktop toolbar to indicate it is running.


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