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When it comes to watching popular TV shows via online streaming, we're missing out.
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  • Updated:9 Jul 2013

02.Australia vs the US

In the US, online streaming services for TV and movies are affordable and flexible, allowing you to view lots of content on a range of devices. Choices in Australia are much more limited.

US services

Amazon Prime Instant Video $US79/year

Amazon Prime is an online movie and TV portal from the bookselling giant. Yearly subscription provides access to movies and TV shows including new release titles, adult and children's TV shows and e-book loans.

Hulu Plus $US7.99/month

Hulu has a large catalogue of TV and movies including Saturday Night Live, The Carrie DiariesModern Family, Law and Order, Grey’s Anatomy, The Simpsons and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. There are also foreign language shows. The service includes free short- and long-form content, including TV shows and clips from popular shows, interviews with TV stars and news segments.

Netflix $US7.99/month

In the US, Netflix has an enormous catalogue of TV shows, such as Breaking Bad, as well as Netfix Original series like House of Cards and the exclusive fourth season of Arrested Development. Netflix currently doesn't operate in Australia and there’s no definite launch date in sight.

Australian services


    Quickflix is an online movie and TV streaming service with a DVD post-out service. It has movie and TV subscriptions from $15 to $35 per month, pay-per-view movies and season pass TV shows. The collection includes popular TV shows such as The Sopranos, Veep, True Blood and Game of Thrones. Shows can be viewed on iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets, as well as computers, Xbox and PS3 gaming consoles and some TVs.

    Foxtel Australia

    Basic package $47/month + Movies & Premium Drama pack $25/month

    It costs $72 per month for the package that includes more than 30 different series, such as House of Cards (US and UK versions), Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Girls, Nurse Jackie, Dexter, and True Blood. Not all are airing at present, but most are scheduled over the coming months. However, you can only watch the season Foxtel is screening and must wait for previous seasons to screen if you want to catch up. You can watch Foxtel GO on your iPhone and iPad as well as your TV, as long as you are a TV subscriber.


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