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Keep your child safe from internet nasties with net filtering software.
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  • Updated:15 Jan 2008

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Why do we need net filtering?

The internet is a global access system with no central administration. Censorship levels vary from country to country, culture to culture. Many countries have created their own set of rules for what can be shared on the internet, based on the country’s moral standards and political outlook. The very nature of the internet, which makes it such an invaluable information resource, also makes it difficult to regulate and control.

The challenge for governments worldwide is to allow people access to the internet but try to ensure that the content isn’t harmful or offensive to each particular country. By and large, however, the best way to make sure you and your family only view content that is acceptable to you is to install a net filtering package and customise it for your particular needs.

What the Australian Government is doing

You can find out how to complain about particular internet content or report inappropriate or illegal internet activity via ACMA ( ACMA also has a net safety online education website called Cybersmart Kids Online (


  • Blacklist: A list of sites that should be blocked from access.
  • Category blocking: groups websites into categories and sites are allowed or blocked depending on what category they belong to (eg, violence, nudity). It’s usually used in association with blacklist/whitelist filtering.
  • Dynamic categorisation: filtering based on a constant analysis of the website rather than specific keyword and URL content.
  • Firewall: a software program and/or hardware device that limits outside network access to a computer or local network by blocking or restricting access to your computer.
  • Spam: unsolicited commercial (junk) email distributed on a large scale and often as part of a scam.
  • Spyware: software that secretly gathers information about a computer user or organisation.
  • Virus: a software program, script, or macro that has been designed to infect, destroy, modify, or cause other problems with a computer or software program.
  • Whitelist: a list of websites that have been specifically approved as suitable for access.

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