How to avoid identity theft

Identity theft is a relatively rare crime — but you still need to be vigilant.
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  • Updated:18 Sep 2007

02.More information

Request your credit file

Credit reference agencies should provide you with a free credit report within about 10 days, although some charge for an express service. Check your credit file and ask for any mistakes to be corrected and notify other companies if you want to investigate or dispute any transactions.

You’ll need to provide your full name, date of birth, driver’s licence, current and previous addresses, phone number, as well as current and previous employers.

Credit reference agencies:

Policy point

  • We would like to see business take more action to protect customers’ sensitive personal information.
  • Privacy laws need to be amended to make business more responsible for protecting personal details.
  • Consumers should be compensated for loss in relation to identity theft.

How business can protect your details

  • Require two-factor authentication for secure websites to limit potential fraud.
  • Provide a secure site for transactions.
  • Only require necessary personal information.
  • Publish information about scams on company websites.
  • Ensure personal information is secure and access is controlled.
  • Train staff in proper handling procedures for personal information.
  • Regularly check which staff can access customers’ personal information.
  • Review disposal procedures to ensure that personal information is unreadable before it’s thrown out.

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