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There's plenty of free software on the internet, but is it any good?
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  • Updated:19 Sep 2007

06.Find your own

Find your own

There are hundreds of thousands of free applications, add-ons and programs available on the internet. They may not all work and some may contain spyware or other nasties, so it’s important to be cautious about what you download. Reputable download sites should scan software for adware and spyware and offer user recommendations to check their validity. And watch out for ‘sponsored’ links to software where the developer has paid to have the software listed. is one of the most popular sites for safe, free software downloads. The site features an extensive range of programs for both Windows and Mac, as well as some for smartphones and handheld computers. describes each program and also includes information on the additions and features in each new version. It also has a download cart so you can collect multiple downloads, but you must register for this feature. covers a huge range of software from antivirus and data recovery to office tools and security programs. There’s also a long list of new downloads updated daily on the front page.

Nonags promotes itself as having free software that’s also safe to download. Each program has a description and rating, but you may need to register for some downloads. lists freeware, shareware, and free trial versions. Each program has a description, rating and screenshots. offers free programs for business, software development, internet, multimedia and utilities. There are also other categories such as editor’s picks, recent downloads and essential programs for back-up and security. has Windows, Mac, Linux and handheld versions of software. The site presents programs in categories such as business, education and security. lists its free software in games, multimedia, diagnostic, security and many other categories. It also lists new files available daily on the front page.


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