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Family tree software reviews

More expensive software can contain extras that are of limited value.
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Family tree software

Researching your family history used to mean trips to records offices, archives and even graveyards. The internet now helps people trace their roots using genealogy websites such as www.genesreunited.com.au and www.ancestry.com.au, or historical records, such as the UK’s 1911 census (www.1911census.co.uk), that are posted online.

Australian online records are less complete than those of other countries – notably the UK – but there’s plenty of material online to get you started on your family tree.

Collecting family history information is challenge enough and organising this into a family tree could seem overwhelming. With these packages you can assign a separate entry to each ancestor and all the details you have about them, and even include photos, census pages, video or audio clips. Presenting the information is easy, with printed reports and charts to share with your family.

We looked at nine packages to find out:

  • which offer the most useful features
  • how easy they are to use
  • which offer the best resources for Australians
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