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03.What Facebook knows about you

In its data use policy, Facebook goes into some detail about the amount of information it receives about its users and the ways it uses that information. Read Facebook's Complete Data Use Policy.

In its own words Facebook states:

  • We receive your registration information and information about you from your friends.
  • Whenever you interact with Facebook, we receive data such as look at a timeline, search for a friend or page, view things, or send or receive a message.
  • When you post a photo or video, we may find out the metadata such as time, date and place the photo or video was taken.
  • We receive data about you including the device, internet service, internet address, location and type of browser whenever you interact with Facebook.
  • We receive information when you visit a game, application or website that uses the Facebook platform.
  • We receive information when you visit a site with a Facebook plug-in including date, time, web address, internet address, browser, operating system and, if you are logged in, your user ID.
  • We put together data about you to determine which friends we show in your news feed or suggest you tag in photos you post.
  • We get data from our advertising partners and other third-parties to deliver ads, understand online activity and make Facebook better.
  • When others share information about you, they can choose to make it public.
  • If you’re logged in to Facebook and visit a website with the ‘Like’ button or another social plug-in, your browser sends us information about your visit.
  • When you click ‘Like’ or ‘Recommend’ on an external site and you’re logged 
  • in on Facebook, a story will appear on your timeline and may appear in ticker and/or news feed, just as if you liked something on Facebook.
  • Things like cookies and pixels are used to understand and deliver ads and make them more relevant to you.

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Facebook Activity Report

Facebook can collate all your Facebook activity and information and send it to you as  a report. To activate, click the ˇ next to your name and then Account Settings > Download a copy of your Facebook data under the list of general settings. 

The archive includes status updates, messages, photos and videos you’ve shared, friends’ names and some of their email addresses. It also lists times, dates, IP addresses for devices used to log in to Facebook as well as browser and operating system details for the device.

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