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02.Getting results online

Posting online can get results, but it can also be daunting if you’re not used to the different online communication mediums. Here we check out the most popular online mediums and outline the basics so you'll avoid embarrassment and feel confident posting your opinion for the world to see.

1. Social etiquette and responsibility

The law is still grappling with online media, but that doesn’t mean you’re not accountable for your online activity. It’s important to understand the legal implications of posting online. There are also social responsibilities and etiquette to follow in most online environments.


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  • Social media is not generally suited to long reviews, but they are great for discussions with friends and you can easily post short, sharp information or reach out for advice. Many businesses have pages on Facebook or Twitter, so if you’re after a response, try posting on the relevant business’s page.
  • Forums - Entering a keyword into a search engine will reveal forums on everything from technology to parenting and legal issues. Most have areas for dedicated topics, which prevent multiple people from asking the same questions and clogging up the forum, and allows for constructive conversation. Some businesses monitor forums relevant to their business, which can be one way to get a response.
  • Websites typically have terms and conditions for using the site. Legally you may be able to challenge these terms, but in general and particularly with regard to posting comments, site owners usually state that they assume no responsibility for anything you post. For legal reasons, they also need to maintain control of the content, so they may choose to remove your comments or ask you to edit a post.
  • Posting on company websites ensures someone from the organisation will see what you have to say, but those that allow you to comment publicly are not very common and you may find that any negative comments are removed. There are plenty of dedicated review websites that allow you to post comments, complaints and rate services, including and, which can also be useful to view when you’re making a purchasing decision. There is also for travel reviews and for restaurant reviews.
  • Blogs - If you want to prove a point or express your opinion without size or space limitations, you could start your own blog or website. Blogger, Tumblr and Wordpress are all popular blogging websites with easy-to-use templates to get started. Or you can start your own website, which involves organising web hosting and outlaying some money. Blogging or starting a website can produce results, but also takes the most work. And unless you’re able to build up a readership, there’s a good chance your work will go unnoticed.
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