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ADSL and ADSL2 plans can be a minefield of fine print and confusing pricing. Our interactive tables help to make sense of it all.
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03.How to switch plans


Switching sites such as Broadband Expert are useful, but only provides plans from the ISPs they partner with. Whirlpool’s Broadband Choice  has independent information on all 229 ISPs in Australia and their plans, but does not provide a switching service. Whirlpool also has a very active consumer forum in which broadband plans are peer-reviewed, so you can find practical information from real-life customers about the ISP you’re interested in.

Thinking of switching broadband plans but still have a contract with your current ISP?

See if you can renegotiate your plan  to get a better deal. If your contract has expired you’re in an even better bargaining position. Sometimes there is no charge upfront but you’ll get locked into another fixed contract term (AAPT requires subscribers to start on another 24-month contract). If you’ve already decided to switch, find out the cancellation costs as well as the installation and connection fees for your new ISP. Remember to ask whether you use your current modem or require your new ISP’s modem.

A process known as fast or rapid transfer allows you to switch from one ISP to another with a reduced set-up fee and with minimal service disruption during the transfer – though both your current and new ISPs must be rapid transfer participants. If you sign up to a non-rapid transfer ISP, you may have to pay full installation fees and possibly be without internet access for at least a week. You can find out if an ISP supports fast transfer at its website or at Whirlpool's Broadband Choice website.


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