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Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides. Compare price and performance of networking and internet tools, including cables, internet providers, routers and networking accessories.

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Broadband basics guide

16 Apr 2008 | CHOICE's simple guide to broadband tells you what you need to know in order to choose the right broadband plan.   More »


ISP Satisfaction Survey 2011

27 Oct 2011 | The survey results show which internet sevice providers performed best, how satisfied users were with service, speed, costs and billing, and trends in our use of the internet.  More »

Online swapping

Second-hand shopping online

14 Sep 2009 | Despite the credit crunch, the second-hand trading market is booming as bargain-hunters turn to buying quality second-hand items online, from the latest plasma screens to designer togs.   More »

Girl talking on phone

Save with VoIP and naked DSL

21 Jan 2009 | VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and uses an Internet connection to make and receive telephone calls.   More »

Woman on laptop

Make Christmas cards in word

25 Nov 2008 | You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on home publishing software to design your own greeting cards.  More »


Dual-band wireless router reviews

28 Nov 2013 | We test and compare 10 dual-band wireless routers.   More »


Social networking and the media

20 Oct 2010 | Forget hanging on the end of a customer service line if you have a gripe. Switch on your computer, log onto the internet and tell the world.  More »

Using Skype

Cut phone costs with Skype

03 Apr 2007 | Long-distance phone calls can keep you in touch with far flung friends and loved ones, but you don’t want to have to mortgage your house to pay for them.   More »

Shopping cart in computer

Online shopping checklist

21 Nov 2012 | With some simple precautions, shopping online can be relatively trouble-free.  More »

Shopping cart in computer

Shopping online buying guide

10 Jan 2007 | With some simple precautions, shopping online can be relatively trouble-free.  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

bitTorent-legal-uses lead

BitTorrent 101

11 Feb 2015 | BitTorrent is a file sharing system used to distribute files from person to person on the internet. It has a bad name because it's used to share pirated movies and TV shows, but there's plenty of legal content to find using BitTorrent.  More »

hidden cost of online shopping

Foreign transaction fees when shopping online

11 Feb 2015 | Your bank may still hit you with a foreign transaction fee for purchases made on a website in Australian dollars.  More »

VPN Services lead

VPNs to protect your privacy online

29 Jan 2015 | One of the best ways to protect your privacy online is to use a virtual private network (VPN). We tested 12 of the most popular VPN services to see how they compare for ease of use, performance and features.   More »


Christmas tech gift guide

08 Dec 2014 | Make your Christmas gift a gadget with this selection of the latest top tech toys and tools.  More »

man using laptop with wallet being removed from pocket

11 scams and how to avoid them

10 Nov 2014 | Online dating scams, bogus tech support phone calls and internet schemes that take advantage of people's goodwill continue to find new victims.  More »

People assemble a jigsaw puzzle cloud in the sky.

Cloud backup services review

19 Jun 2014 | We test and compare 11 cloud-based backup services.   More »

spider web and computer

Dark patterns: website tricks and scams

26 Jun 2014 | The user interfaces on some websites are deliberately designed to mislead consumers. CHOICE exposes some of the tricks.  More »

Hacker at work

Cyber criminals attack top companies every day: security expert

22 May 2014 | Professional hacker Jonathan Brossard outlines the latest targets for cyber criminals, upcoming threats and how you can reduce your risk of attack.  More »


Bitcoin and virtual currency

14 May 2014 | The Bitcoin cyber payment system sends digital payments from person-to-person without a central bank overseeing it. Can an unregulated, computer currency really play it safe?  More »


Media hubs and streamers

26 Mar 2014 | With the ability to play music, videos and pictures on your TV and stream directly from the internet, media hubs can be great tools for today's digital age.  More »

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