USB TV tuner reviews

With a USB digital high-definition TV tuner and a laptop you can take your HDTV on the road.
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04.Jargon buster

DVB-T is Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial. It is the standard for digital TV in Europe and Australia, but not New Zealand.

EPG (Electronic Program Guide) is an on-screen menu for program information that simplifies navigation and recording.

HDTV is high-definition digital television (HDTV).  

PIP (picture in picture) presents a second program in a small window, so you can monitor other stations at the same time and swap between them.

POP (picture outside picture) divides the screen into two same-size pictures, for viewing a second program.

Subtitles (captioning) is intended to assist viewers with hearing impairment or to translate foreign languages.

Teletext is an onscreen text-based information service.

Time shifting is the recording of programs for later viewing, using a digital video recorder (DVR) or a computer with a TV tuner. Some DVRs let you start watching a recorded show from the beginning even while the rest of the show is still being recorded.


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