Multimedia notebooks review

Our tests review the latest generation multimedia laptops.
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03.How we tested

Expert and user panel

We used an expert panel, a user panel and an expert tester to evaluate each laptop.

Our expert tester rated each laptop, looking at:

  • Performance across a range of criteria, including benchmarking with the PCMark Vantage software tool and battery performance.
  • Hardware security, including password protection, security locks and fingerprint scanners.
  • Security software.
  • Power consumption – both active and standby modes.
  • Ease of transferring files from another computer.
  • Monitor visibility under various light levels.
  • The manuals and help files.
  • Support options (including recovering discs).

The expert panel rated the design of each laptop, looking at:

  • Ease of battery removal/insertion.
  • Status lights/indicators – type and visibility.
  • Removal/insertion of DVD/CD and battery.
  • Connectors – placement, labelling and ease of access.
  • Ease of opening/closing the laptop.
  • Stability of laptop when open.
  • Design flaws and advantages.
  • Screen visibility/quality.
  • Overall style.

The user panel judged the laptops for comfort and usability, looking at:

  • The touchpad and keyboard – including comfort, ease of use, responsiveness, position, size and other factors.
  • Wrist rest comfort.
  • Laptop handling (comfort/grippiness) and weight.
  • Screen visability/quality.
  • Overall rating.

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