Independent and trusted reviews and tests. Compare price and performance of a wide range of laptop computers, with both small and large screen size, and accessories.


USB TV tuner reviews

With a USB digital high-definition TV tuner and a laptop you can take your HDTV on the road.

19 Nov 2010 | We test 12 go-anywhere digital TV tuners for your PC.


Large screen laptop reviews

Is bigger really better? We test 10 laptops with screens 17 inches and more.

11 Nov 2010 | Sometimes there’s just no substitute for more screen real estate.


Ultraportable laptops review

Ultraportable laptops can do most of your computing tasks while on the go.

16 Oct 2008 | If you’re always on-the-go and don’t want to leave your home or office behind, you need a laptop that won’t weigh you down — and that’s where the ultraportable category shines.


Multimedia notebooks review

Our tests review the latest generation multimedia laptops.

13 Jun 2008 | If you’re looking for a successor to your trusty old desktop computer but don’t want the bulk of a traditional PC, you might want to consider a portable multimedia powerhouse instead.

Asus eee PC laptop review

Asus eee PC laptop review

Fans of Linux will appreciate this new offering from Asus — a linux-based laptop.

9 Apr 2008 | cool, compact and cheap. At just under $500, it’s the cheapest full-featured laptop on the market.

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