PC monitors and speakers

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and buying guides. Compare price and performance of PC monitors and speakers.


Large computer monitors review

We test and compare 10 widescreen computer monitors and two ultrawide displays.

18 Jul 2014 | If you own a computer you probably spend a good portion of the day staring at the screen but is bigger really better?


Computer monitor buying guide

Of all the pieces in your PC (or Mac), the monitor is the part you spend the longest time looking at. Our guide helps you select the best model to suit your needs.

18 Jul 2014 | There’s more to monitor shopping than selecting a screen size.


CHOICE Computer technology reliability survey 2010

How reliable is your computer equipment?

24 Nov 2010 | Desktop computers, laptops and printers, monitors and external hard-drives are part of our line-up this time.

22 inch and 24 inch monitors

Budget computer monitor reviews

Big monitors can outlast your PC and you can pick up a good one for less than $300.

8 Mar 2010 | We tested 16 widescreen displays for performance and ease of use - eight models in the 22-inch class and eight in the 24-inch class.


LCD monitor reviews

A 19” LCD monitor will help you make the most of multimedia computing.

30 Apr 2006 | Our research shows that prices vary by hundreds of dollars, but the more expensive brands we tested weren’t necessarily the top performers.


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