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Mother's Day tech guide

Find the right gadget to give to mum on Sunday 11 May.

5 May 2014 | Slippers and toasters have been struck off our list of 10 tech gadgets for the most important woman in your life.

CHOICE tester Tamas checks out the Oculus Rift

Facebook buys into virtual reality for $2bn

Social media giant buys Oculus Rift technology.

26 Mar 2014 | The Oculus Rift virtual reality kit is already shaping up to be the defining VR headset for PC users. And Facebook wants a piece of the action.


Review: we slice into the Raspberry Pi

We review the Raspberry Pi, an open source pocket-sized computer that can be programmed and hardwired to do just about anything.

28 Aug 2013 | The open-source, pocket-sized Raspberry Pi looks like a dream come true for consumers that want to learn about Linux programming - but can it live up to its claims?


Parrot AR.Drone first look

We take a look at this battery-powered quad-copter controlled with a smartphone app.

11 Sep 2012 | This remote control flying device has an in-built high definition camera, and is controlled via an app on your smartphone or tablet.


iRig and Amplitube

We review the iRig adapter and Amplitube app for iPhone and iPad.

31 Jan 2011 | Create a range of authentic guitar sounds with your hand-held device.

Computer ergonomic devices

Ergonomic computer devices review and compare

Are ergonomic devices better for you? We put 10 on trial.

4 Sep 2009 | Specially designed ergonomic devices can be of help to people suffering overuse injuries. CHOICE invited a group of everyday users to see if they could adjust to some of these devices.


Chumby review

The beanbag that for many may represent the future of the internet.

12 Mar 2009 | It’s small and squeezable, and Chumby is a versatile gadget designed to deliver a constant stream of personalised information updates on any topic.


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