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Tech reliability survey 2014

The brands you can trust for tablets, desktops, laptops and more.
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01.Is it built to last

Tech reliability lead

The CHOICE reliability survey asks thousands of members about the devices they own, what they think of them and how they've held up over time.


  • We found that when it comes to reliability, Apple tops three of its categories – laptops, desktops, and tablets.

We asked people about the severity of any problems they've had and when in the product's lifespan any major problems started occurring.

Reliability is calculated based on the percentage of people reporting problems in the last 12 months, taking into account the age of the product. na means not applicable or not enough responses.

Owner rating

  • Apple came up trumps in all four of its categories for the owner rating.

This year we asked owners to rate the products they own, from excellent to terrible, and whether they would buy them again. We used this information to give each brand an owner rating so you can see what people who own them think.


  • Apple comes out on top for both laptops and desktops for service and support.

No matter their quality, sometimes things go wrong with products. How the manufacturer responds to these issues can make all the difference to your experience and trust in the brand. We've given each brand a service score so you know how well they support their customers when they need it, although since we need enough feedback to report fairly, we can't report this for all brands.

How we survey

We calculate a brand's reliability score and owner rating based on our survey of 3098 CHOICE members, conducted in August 2014. The reliability score is based on the percentage of people who reported a problem in the past 12 months. It takes into account the age of products in order to make fair comparisons.

This year we gathered extra information to improve what we could say about the reliability of, and satisfaction for, products and brands. We asked if products have ever had a problem and, if so, how severe it was. This way we can tell you if the problems are major or minor ones and whether they're likely to happen earlier or later in a product's lifespan.

Owner and service ratings

The owner rating is a new measure we haven’t reported before, based on how owners rate their product and service from excellent to terrible.    

To report fairly on the different brands, we only give this score where we’ve had at least 50 owners provide feedback about their experience.

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