Independent and trusted tests, reviews and buying guides for car seats and restraints for babies and children, as well as baby slings.

Child car restraints

Child car restraint reviews

These restraints all meet the stringent requirements of the Australian standard, but some are easier to install and use than others

28 Jan 2015 | Installing a child car restraint correctly is essential for preventing injuries to your child in a crash.


Isofix style baby seats can now be sold in Australia

Australian parents should soon be able to buy baby seats using an Isofix-like restraint system, with Standards Australia now allowing local sales of the seats.

17 Jun 2013 | The Australian Standard for car child restraints has been updated to allow for the use of a variation of the international child restraint system called Isofix, in conjunction with Australia's top tether system


Booster seat reviews

Many children have restraints that are too big for them and graduate to adult seatbelts too early.

12 Sep 2012 | We review 12 new booster seats suitable for children aged from about four to eight years, looking at ease of use and ease of fitting.


Baby carrier and sling reviews

Try before you buy when choosing a baby carrier or sling.

4 Jun 2012 | With a baby carrier or sling, you can keep your baby close and secure while leaving your hands free for other tasks.

Children's Convertible Car Seat Reviews

Children's convertible car seat reviews

Installing a child restraint correctly is the best way to prevent injuries to your child in a crash

2 Feb 2012 | We review 10 children's convertible car seats, suitable from birth to four years of age and priced from $149 to $659.


National Kidsafe Day targets road safety

The annual event aims to increase awareness about unintentional childhood injuries and their prevention

25 Oct 2011 | The aim of this year's event is to remind parents to take all precautions to protecting their children.

Child car restraints

Child car restraints guide

New national laws will ensure safer travelling for your children.

2 Dec 2009 | A nationally agreed reform on child car restraints is to be rolled out across Australia in 2010, with new laws designed to provide greater protection for children when travelling.

Baby in sling

Baby transport buying guide

Strollers, carriers, car and bicycle seats: we tell you what to look for.

3 Oct 2009 | No matter how you prefer to transfer baby, we've tested them for safety and ease of use. Use our recommendations before your next purchase.


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