Independent and trusted reviews and tests of children's bikes and accessories, including helmets and bike seats.


Tricycle reviews

We test eight tricycles with parent handles, priced $49 to $349.

5 Dec 2012 | We put tricycles with parent handles to the test. Are they a substitute for a stroller?

Boy fixing bike

How to buy a child's bike

Getting the right bicycle for your child can help make cycling fun — and safe.

14 Oct 2011 | Getting their first bike is a big moment in many a child’s life. A safe and comfortable bike, along with lessons in cycling safety, can mean opening up a whole new world of fun, freedom and independence.

Kids bikes

Kids' bike reviews

Take care when choosing your child's bike.

6 Jul 2010 | Spending big on a bike for your child doesn't necessarily guarantee you're getting the safest bike.

Bike trailer

Bike child seats and trailers

Choose the best child seat or bicycle trailer for taking your toddler for a ride.

4 Jun 2009 | With so many child seats and bicycle trailers on the market, which is the right one for you and your child?


Kids' bicycle helmets review and compare

All models passed our impact tests.

6 Feb 2006 | Protecting a young cyclist’s head doesn’t have to cost a lot, as long as the helmet fits well.

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