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Cot reviews

Safety is key when a newborn comes into the picture. We have test results for 116 cots to tell you which are the safest.
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01 .Introduction


We review 116 cots, including 10 newly tested models.

Through our rigorous testing, we reveal which cots:

  • are the safest and most durable (as set out by selected clauses of the Australian/New Zealand Standard for cots, AS/NZS 2172:2003)
  • provide the best information and labelling as set out by the Standard, and
  • are the easiest to use.

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For more information about products for your nursery, see Babies and kids. Or for more information about bassinets, see our bassinet review

Safety first

Household cots are only used for a relatively short period of time, but it's during this time that safety is most critical. Cots can’t be sold to consumers without being certified under the mandatory Australian safety standard AS/NZS 2172:2003.

While manufacturers generally have documentation to prove certification, we still find some failures in our CHOICE independent testing, which assesses each cot against both mandatory and non-mandatory clauses of the Australian Standard.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has a cot safety surveillance program in place and has recalled nearly 5,500 household cots since 2013. If you are concerned about the safety of your cot (or other children's furniture items), you can check the ACCC product recalls list.

Brands and models tested

This test includes results for 10 new models. Previously tested models still currently available are included in the table. Results for discontinued models are in a separate table.

Models tested (including previously tested models still available)

  • Babyhood Amani
  • Babyhood Ergonomic #
  • Babyhood Luna V2
  • Babyhood Maya
  • Babyhood Milano
  • Babyhood Rio
  • Babyhood Zimbali
  • Bebe Care Oxford
  • Bertini Miko Cot
  • Bertini Renaissance #
  • Bloom Alma Papa Crib (A)
  • Boori Country Newport
  • Boori Country Paddington Cot 3 in 1
  • Boori Country Classic
  • Boori Country Madison 3 in 1
  • Boori Country Pioneer
  • Boori Urbane Alice
  • Boori Urbane Byron
  • Boori Urbane Omni Transformer #
  • Boori Urbane Daintree
  • Boori Urbane Sleigh 3 in 1
  • Boori Urbane Sunshine
  • Boori Waratah Manor 3 in 1
  • Cariboo Contemporary Q03
  • Childcare Boston
  • Childcare Bristol
  • Childcare Grange XT
  • Childcare Sandford DL
  • Childcare Starry Night Walnut #
  • Fantastic Furniture Little Star (Sunbury) #
  • Grotime Backsaver 10
  • Grotime Chez10
  • Grotime Madonna10
  • Grotime Pearl 10
  • Grotime Sleepover 10 #
  • Ikea Gonatt #
  • Ikea Gulliver
  • Ikea Hensvik
  • Ikea Sniglar
  • Ikea Sundvik
  • Incy Jemima
  • Kaylula Sova 4 in 1 #
  • Kukuu Bird&Berry
  • Leander Bed
  • Love n Care Miami
  • Love n Care Regal
  • Love n Care Sereno
  • Love n Care Vulu
  • Mamas & Papas Ocean
  • Mamas & Papas Orchard Sleigh
  • Mother’s Choice Melrose
  • Mother’s Choice Orlando
  • Natures Purest 91550
  • Stokke Sleepi
  • Tasman Eco Aria #
  • Tasman Eco Capri
  • Tasman Eco Siena
  • Tasman Eco Sleigh 
  • Tasman Eco Tuscany
  • Tasman Elegance Azzurro
  • Tasman Elegance Venezia #
  • Troll Sun Cot Bed

# Newly tested models.

(A) This model is a timber folding cot and isn’t included in the comparison table. Check this page for more information about this model.

Discontinued models

  • Babyhood Georgia Sleigh
  • Babyhood Sandton Sleigh
  • Babyhood Qtee
  • Bebe Care Coventry XT
  • Bebe Care Hollie
  • Bebe Care Surrey Cot Slat End
  • Boori Matilda
  • Boori Urbane Hamilton 3 in 1
  • Boori Urbane Byron
  • Boori Urbane Yarra
  • Bootiq Annabelle
  • Bootiq Brijette
  • Bootiq Madison
  • Cheeky Bub Scallywag
  • Childcare Sussex XT
  • Childcare Durham XT
  • Childcare Balmoral
  • Childcare Harbour XT
  • Childcare Harper
  • Childcare Lullabye XT
  • Childcare Sandford XT
  • Cheeky Bub Joey
  • Delta Jasmine
  • Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler cot bed
  • Funtastic Humphrey’s Corner
  • Grotime C34 Babe
  • Grotime C48 Ritz
  • Grotime C49 Harriet
  • Grotime C50 Hadley
  • Grotime Tempo
  • Grotime Venus
  • Ikea Hermelin
  • Ikea Leksvik
  • Ikea Mammut
  • Kingparrot Daintree
  • Kingparrot Scout
  • Love n Care Vogue
  • Love n Care Euro
  • Love n Care Florida II
  • Love n Care Classic
  • Love n Care Linda
  • Mothercare Summer Oak
  • Mothercare Takeley
  • Mother’s Choice Bellevue
  • Regent Ascot
  • Regent Sherbrooke
  • Regent Mayfair
  • Regent Nu Gembrook
  • Sunbury Dreamtime C102
  • Sunbury Lombok C124
  • Swallow Jessie
  • Tasman Eco Modena
  • Tasman Elegance Verona
  • Zuzu Serenity

Note: The Kingparrot brand, owned by Boori, has been phased out and rebranded as Boori Urbane. The Regent brand, owned by Regent Nursery Furniture, is discontinued as the company went out of business in July 2012.

How we test

Safety Our testers, Antonio Bonacruz and Matthew Tung, assess each cot against the mandatory safety clauses from the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2172:2003. Only cots that meet these requirements are recommended. They also test them against some non-mandatory clauses that add to the cot’s safety, such as tests for finger traps. 

Information They assess the cot’s instructions, labels and markings against the requirements of the standard. Clear and correct information, such as maintenance and usage instructions and date of manufacture, help make the cot safer to use. However, we do not consider the information requirements to be as critical as the safety tests, so cots that fail these requirements may still be recommended or worth considering.

Setting standards

We have reconsidered how we rate cots. In the past we took a fairly hard line; even a failure of information requirements was not good enough and we would rate such a cot (assuming it passed all safety tests) as worth considering rather than recommended. We also took the view that finger entrapments were enough of a hazard to warrant not recommending a cot.

Given that the mandatory requirements for cots do not include the finger entrapment clauses – there are no indications these are causing significant injury problems – and that most information failures are due to incorrect formatting or minor omissions (and don’t in themselves make the cot unsafe), we have revised our ratings so that a cot that passes all safety tests but fails some information requirements can still be recommended. A cot which passes all the key safety tests but has some finger entrapment hazards (which usually only occur in hard-to-reach areas, and may be covered up when a mattress is put in) is worth considering.

Reputable cot manufacturers and distributors (like the brands tested here) take safety seriously and have their products certified to the standard. Nevertheless, sometimes manufacturing problems or inconsistencies arise and can result in some samples not meeting the standard. In most cases, the manufacturers rapidly address the problems we find.

Moving on up

Children are ready to move onto a bed when they can:

  • stand confidently in a cot
  • shake the sides of the cot 
  • start to attempt to climb out.

Making this change at the right time will help to prevent injuries associated with the child falling out of the cot. Most cots come with a junior bed conversion kit that will increase its longevity, although sometimes these kits are sold as an optional extra (see the table).


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