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Safety gate and barrier reviews

Sealing off certain rooms or stairs is key when your baby becomes mobile.
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Safety gates

Here, we review 41 safety gates and barriers, ranging in price from $20 to $199.

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When your child starts exploring the home, it’s time to batten down the hatches and make each room as child-safe as possible. You’ll need to block off access to the stairs and any other areas of the house that contain hazards, such as the kitchen, bathroom and garage. This is where safety gates and barriers can come in handy, closing off dangerous areas and keeping your child out of harm’s way.

In our most recent round of testing, we looked at 15 safety gates, two of which are barriers, priced from $49 to $150. While there’s still no Australian Standard for safety gates, we continue to base our tests on suitable clauses in the standards for cots, portable cots and toys - see how we test for more information.

We test safety gates for:

  • Gaps and moving parts
  • Detachable parts
  • Strength
  • Sharp edges and corners
  • Climbing footholds
  • Projections or openings that could entangle clothing and lead to strangulation.

Most models in this current test are recommended, with several worth considering. There’s only one model we can’t recommend.

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Models tested

Newly tested models

  • Childcare Assisted Auto Close Gate 089340-003
  • Dreambaby Hallyway Security Gate F170W
  • Dreambaby Sure Close Gate F870S
  • Ikea Patrull Fast 902.265.18
  • Infa Secure 355 Lupo
  • Lindam Sure Shut Orto Pressure Fit Child Safety Gate 44430
  • Love n Care Advanced Auto-Close Gate ACS/ELC
  • Lucky Baby Smart System Swing Back Gate SG-03
  • Mothercare Pressure Fix Wide Walk-through Wooden Safety Gate K2993
  • North States Supergate 4904
  • Perma Child Safety Safety Doorway Gate 740
  • Safety First Tranzforma 013544
  • Target Deluxe Safety Gate 44743581
  • The First Years Everywhere Safety Gate Y4996
  • Vee Bee Guardian Extra Tall Extra Wide Automatic Swing Back Gate N81321

Previously tested models

  • Baby Dan Premier Indicator
  • Baby Solutions Metal Safety Gate Double Lock USSG03
  • Chicco Nightlight Autoclose Safety Gate 361379
  • Dreambaby Extra-Tall Swing Closed Security Gate F190W
  • Dreambaby Retractable Gate F820
  • Dreambaby Swing Closed Security Gate F160W
  • Dreambaby Timber Swing Gate F826
  • Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate 526335
  • Infa-Secure Protecta Door Barrier 320
  • Infa-Secure SECURE 350 Scenic
  • Jolly Kidz Smart Door Barrier - Small JSB001
  • Kiddy Cots Door Barrier DB-1
  • Lindam Numi aluminium 44435
  • Lindam Sure Shut Orto Safety Gate LD147
  • Love N Care Advanced Auto-Close Gate
  • Love N Care Child & Pet Gate BP3920 PETS/ELC
  • Love N Care Easyfit Gate BP3910 EFS/ELC
  • Mothercare Swing Shut Safety Gate K2999
  • North States Clear Choice Gate 4601
  • North States Expandable Swing Gate, 4623
  • Safety 1st Alarm Security Gate 42250
  • Safety 1st Quick Close Gate 35015720
  • Summer Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, 07060C
  • Summer Sure & Secure Custom Fit Gate 07160A
  • Target Deluxe Safety Gate 44743581
  • The First Years Extra Tall and Wide Y7190
  • The First Years Hands Free Gate Y3600
  • Valco Guardian Swing Back Gate N81321
  • Valco Swing Back Gate SG03-21

How we test

As mentioned, there’s no Australian standard for safety gates, so we base our tests on suitable clauses from the standards for cots, portable cots and toys. Our tester, Matthew Tung, looks for a range of potential hazards:

  • Gaps and moving parts that might trap fingers, limbs or heads
  • Climbing footholds
  • Detachable small parts that could be a choking hazard 
  • The strength of the gate and its attachment to the doorway
  • Sharp corners, edges and points 
  • Projections or openings that could entangle clothing and lead to strangulation.

The safety barriers and gate are assembled and installed according to the supplied instructions.

The gaps between the sides of the safety gate and the door frame (or walls of a passageway) are installation-dependent; that is, they can vary depending on the width of the door opening. Therefore, we don’t test these gaps for entrapment hazards. When installing a gate or barrier, make sure the gap between the gate and the door frame is as small as possible.

There are two international standards for safety gates: the European EN 1930 and the American ASTM F1004. Certification to these standards is certainly worth looking for.

To find information on similar products see babies and kids.

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