Children's food

Independent and trusted reviews, tests and fact sheets for children's food, including pre-packaged food and snacks.


Are toddler milks just marketing spin?

Toddler and growing-up milks are big business.

7 Jul 2014 | Toddler and junior formulas are unnecessary for healthy kids, say the experts. Are these products just a sneaky way to advertise infant formulas?

A child choosing between a healthy and an unhealthy lunch box

Kids' lunch box snacks

Processed snacks are a common addition to children's lunch boxes, but how do they rate nutritionally?

24 Jun 2014 | CHOICE reviews more than 260 processed snacks to find the nutritional disasters, reveal the healthier treats and help you pack the perfect lunch box.


Top tips for feeding toddlers

How to cope with fussy eaters.

4 Jun 2013 | It can be difficult to coax a toddler into eating something they don’t want to, but there may be ways to encourage them to try to enjoy a wider range of foods.


Salt in kids' food

Finding low-salt kids' foods might be harder than you think.

28 Mar 2013 | We've investigated the salt content of foods marketed at children. Why do so many add unnecessary salt?


Fruit juice popper reviews

Is there a place for fruit poppers in your child’s lunchbox?

30 Apr 2012 | We review 100 different varieties of fruit juice poppers available in major supermarkets and found a few factors worth considering before you pop one in your kids lunchbox.


Food for kids

An overwhelming proportion of kids foods are far from healthy.

22 Jun 2011 | CHOICE compares the nutritional panels of various products to help consumers make more informed choices about foods for their children.


Coping with toddlers who are fussy eaters

Fussy eating among toddlers is very common.

4 Jun 2011 | There are some strategies for the many parents who worry about their toddler's eating habits.

Kids breakfast

Children's cereal reviews

We highlight the best for everyday eating out of over 40 childrens' cereals.

1 May 2009 | A good breakfast cereal can be the perfect start to the day, but children's cereals among the worst for excessive sugar and salt.

Baby drinking

Children's milk - better than normal milk?

Do children really need their own milk?

7 May 2007 | Several milks specifically aimed at children have recently entered the market. But do children really need their own version of milk?

Children's products on computer screen

Food marketing: child's play?

We take a look at how food is marketed to children, and what the problems are.

6 Mar 2007 | Kids are a special target for food marketing, and this concerns us for several reasons.

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