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  • Updated:23 Feb 2007


A frozen baby food with clear labelling and containing no thickeners. It’s only lightly heat treated (cooked), but it is frozen to give a long shelf-life. Made in Australia.

Labelling: The amount of each ingredient is clearly given in the ingredients list. Motherly baby food

Thickeners/fillers: No. Cooking water and stock is sometimes included to thin starchy vegetables.

Product name accuracy: Most varieties accurately named, in some instances non-named veggies are included (for example Green bean includes 22% potato).

Meat content: Meat cube varieties are 31 to 40% beef/chicken. 40% varieties are being phased out in favour of 25 to 31% varieties.

Organic: The beef and chicken is certified organic.

Type: Frozen cubes; frozen pots.

Made in: Australia

Storage and serving: Store in the freezer, heat required number of cubes or single pot from frozen. Leftovers should be thrown away.

Processing: Cooked, filled into cube trays, sealed. Preserved by freezing.

Available in: Woolworths, in frozen ready-meals section. The larger 540 gram cubes size is being phased out of major retailers in favour of the 180 gram cubes size. The larger size will still be availble at smaller retailers and through Motherly's factory shop. See the website for details or contact them on 1300 662 229 for more information.

Price we paid:

  • $7.98 for 540g pack (27 cubes).
  • $3.49 for 180g pack (9 cubes).
  • $2.99 for 150g pots.

Website: www.motherly.com.au


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Motherly range:
6 months+
Beef and vegetables (27 cubes per pack)
9 Beef cubes: Organic beef 40%, vegetables 32% (celery, carrot, onion), split peas 15%, cooking water 8%, chicken stock 5%
9 Green bean cubes: Green beans 63%, potato 22%, cooking water 15%
9 Pumpkin cubes: Pumpkin 100%
Chicken and Vegetables (27 cubes per pack)
9 Chicken cubes: Organic chicken 40%, vegetables 34% (carrot, celery), split peas 15%, onion 6%, chicken stock 5%
9 Carrot cubes: Carrot 100%
9 Pea cubes: Peas 76%, cooking water 24%
Vegetable medley (27 cubes per pack)

9 Spring trio cubes: Sweet potato 45%, vegetables 40% (pea, leek, onion), cooking water 15%
9 Potato & spinach cubes: Potato 48%, spinach 30%, onion 11%, cooking water 11%
9 Lentil hotpot cubes: Sweet potato 40%, vegetables 40% (carrot, onion, celery), lentils 20%

Fruit desserts (27 cubes per pack)
9 Apple cherry cubes: Apple 60%, cherry puree 19%, apricot 10%, apple juice 11%
9 Mango cubes: Mango 52%, apple 48%
9 Plum pear cubes: Pear puree 90%, plum puree 10%
Chicken & vegetables (9 cubes per pack)
Vegetables 38% (carrot, celery, potato, onion), organic chicken 31%, yellow split peas 17%, chicken stock 7%, cooking water 7%
Beef & vegetables (9 cubes per pack)
Vegetables 38% (celery, carrot, onion, potato), organic beef 31%, yellow split peas 17%, chicken stock 7%, cooking water 7%
Other varieties listed in multi-packs above are soon to be available as 9 cube packs, plus new varieties – Lamb & vegetable; Fish & vegetable; Pumpkin & pasta; Sweet potato; Apple; and Pear cubes. Stocking will depend on supermarkets, contact Motherly for more information.
10 months+
Little pots for tots  –  beef & vegetable casserole
Vegetables 32% (carrot, potato, pumpkin, green peas), organic beef 25%, red lentils 16.5%, cooking water 16.5%, tomato paste 10%.
Little pots for tots  – chicken & vegetable casserole
Vegetables 30% (green peas, carrot, zucchini), yellow split peas 28%, organic chicken 25%, cooking water 17%.
Other varieties available early 2007 – Fish & pumpkin medley and Creamy pasta & corn.