Child safety devices fact sheet

What do you need to make your home toddler-safe?
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04.Kitchen, laundry and bathroom


A latch on the fridge door (placed high up) can be useful, but a toddler might overcome the basic Velcro latch we looked at, with a little determination.

 05-Dream-baby-appliance-latch21-safety-1st-Lock-Release-Fridge-Latch 22-safety-1st-Multi-Purpose-Latch


The chief risk from an oven is its heat when turned on, but if your child shows too much interest in playing with the oven, consider an oven door latch and control knob covers. Toppling ovens are also a serious risk.


Washing machines

Door locks are available for these, but always leave washing machine and dryer doors shut. If possible, prevent access to the laundry altogether.



Seat locks aren’t likely to be needed in most homes – toddlers have been known to fall into toilets but this is fortunately rare. Keep the bathroom off limits to toddlers.



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