Independent and trusted advice about baby and child safety, including fact sheets and guides about child safety devices, and potential hazards in the home.


Dummies review

CHOICE reviews 30 dummies against the mandatory Australian Standard

23 Oct 2013 | Dummies are used to comfort and settle your child - but hazards do exist, so care needs to be taken.


Child safety devices fact sheet

What do you need to make your home toddler-safe?

21 Oct 2013 | CHOICE looks at household child safety devices and finds that combining sensible safety practices with a few key devices is enough for most homes.

trampoline reviews

Trampoline reviews

Do nets and padding make modern trampolines any safer than the models of the past?

12 Dec 2012 | Trampolines are a fun way to exercise, however they can also be the cause of many injuries to children.

Baby playing

Toy safety reviews

We tested 23 toys against safety standards, and over half of them failed.

12 Nov 2012 | Australia now has a single regulatory product safety system covering all states and territories - but unsafe products, including toys, can still appear in stores.


What's not recommended?

We tell you which baby products are not recommended. This report includes cots, strollers, bassinets and change tables.

21 May 2012 | These strollers, cots, bassinets, and change tables failed some of our safety tests, after being tested in the CHOICE labs.


CHOICE Baby safety week

A week dedicated to new and expectant parents and the safety of their new bundle of joy.

21 May 2012 | Whether it’s rolling strollers along our custom made rig for hours on end in the CHOICE labs, or checking for sharp edges and finger traps, safety is at the forefront of all we do.


Managing pain safely while pregnant or breastfeeding

With the right advice you can take pain relief without harming your baby.

31 May 2011 | A look at the risks and benefits of taking common over-the-counter pain medications while pregnant or breastfeeding and where to go for advice.


Proposal to ban plastic with DEHP

Australia takes a step towards banning toys and baby products containing DEHP.

27 Jan 2010 | Australia may eventually catch up with the US and the UE and ban toys and baby products containing DEHP.

BPA alert

BPA alert

US food regulator reinforces concerns over BPA chemical.

22 Jan 2010 | The regulator has called for more research into BPA, the chemical often found in baby bottles.

Children watching TV

Toppling television danger

Hospitals are reporting a significant number of injuries resulting from a TV falling onto a child.

7 Jul 2008 | Victims are particularly children under five, and the incidents include fatalities and some injuries requiring hospitalisation.

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