Honda ST1300A & ST1300P Motorcycles recall

Honda issues a recall of its 2008 to 2011 ST1300A and ST1300P motorcycle models

27 Jul 2011 | Honda notices a defect with its rear brake reservoir hose, which can cause fluid to leak.

Georg Jensen Koppel Gold Pitcher Recall

The gold plated water pitcher was actually coated in nickel, which could seep into the gold and cause illness.

27 Jul 2011 | Georg Jensen issues a recall of its Koppel gold water pitcher due to the safety hazards of its nickel coating.

TWM Portable Quick Lift Hydraulic Trolley Jack recall

Incorrect warning labels on the TWM Trolley Jack could result in a crushing hazard

20 Jul 2011 | The warning label on the TWM Portable Quick Lift Hydraulic Trolley Jack does not comply with the mandatory Australian New Zealand Standard.

Toys "R" Us Bruin Step Walker recall

The Bruin Step Walker is not marked with required safety warnings as mandated by the Australian Standard

20 Jul 2011 | Consumers of Toys "R" Us' Bruin Step Walker may not be aware of potential hazards, which may result in injury.

Target Base Portable DVD Players Recall

Target has issued a recall on its Base Portable DVD players due to a possible electrocution hazard.

20 Jul 2011 | If the back cover of the AC adapter on Target's Base Portable DVD players separates, live wiring may be exposed, posing an electrocution hazard.

Mercedes Benz freightliner vehicles recall

Mercedes Benz urges new owners of its freightliner vehicles to have their brakes tested.

14 Jul 2011 | Mercedez Benz issues a warning that vehicles produced between October 2010 and February 2011 may have reduced braking efficiency.

Elka Australia puffer ball toy recall

Elka recalls its rubber spiked puffer ball toys

13 Jul 2011 | The cords on Elka puffer balls have been found to be too long, which could cause choking. It is banned under Consumer Protection Notice 20 of 2011.

Briajen Angle Load Horse Float recall

Briajen recalls horse floats which do not comply with the Australian Design Rules

13 Jul 2011 | Briajen recalls a number of horse float models that are found to not comply with the ADR and therefore have a higher accident risk.

Haighs Aprichoc Chocolates recall

Haighs recalls Aprichoc chocolates in the 300g cardboard gift box

13 Jul 2011 | Haighs notices the presence of nuts in its Aprichoc chocolate gift boxes, which would be a problem for those with a nut allergy or intolerance.

Kawasaki KLX250T9/TA/TB and KLX250WAF motorcycle recall

Kawasaki recalls motorcycles with fuel tank leakage potential

13 Jul 2011 | Kawasaki discovers that the fuel tank on its KLX250T9/TA/TB and KLX250WAF models may leak, and in the presence of a spark or flame this can cause injury or death.

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