cn heart foundation ticks

Will health stars cross out heart ticks?

A review of the Heart Foundation Tick will determine its future.

10 Oct 2014 | The future of the Heart Foundation's Tick Program is uncertain in the current health environment where the Health Star Rating system could soon be making an impact.

cn stopthespies website lead

New campaign against data retention

Stop the Spies campaign fights mandatory metadata retention

10 Oct 2014 | A new campaign called Stop the Spies is rallying against the government's proposed law for a mandatory data retention regime, expected to be introduced into parliament in October.

Adviser talking to couple

ASIC crackdown on life insurance

One third of life insurance advice provided to consumers is poor and could mean that in the event of a claim you won't be covered.

9 Oct 2014 | ASIC investigated the life insurance industry and found that consumers are more likely to get bad advice from advisers who receive high up-front commissions.

backyard pool with fence

Swimming pool drowning deaths for under fives more than halved since 1996

Swimming pools are still the number one cause of drowning deaths among kids under five, but the good news is figures are decreasing.

9 Oct 2014 | Pool fencing regulations and education campaigns on supervision and CPR have helped reduce the number of kids drowning in swimming pools.

cn eb expo lead

CHOICE Computer goes to the 2014 EB Expo

Games, hardware and cosplay on show at one of Australia's biggest annual games events.

8 Oct 2014 | CHOICE checks out a bunch of new and upcoming games, along with the latest developments in game-related hardware.

girl behind bottles of sports drinks

Health claims on sports drinks would mislead consumers, warns CHOICE

CHOICE opposes FSANZ proposal to allow health claims on sports drinks.

8 Oct 2014 | CHOICE is opposing a new proposal which would allow Gatorade, Powerade and other sugar-filled electrolyte drinks to carry health claims on their labels.

surgical instruments

Cosmetic surgery crackdown

Patients confused about difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery, as health funds crack down.

7 Oct 2014 | The ombudsman has asked health insurers to clear up clauses on their policies about plastic and reconstructive surgery.

man holds his head in front of a smashed car

Name and shame register for shoddy car repairers

Just one out of 21 recommendations aimed at fixing the problems with dodgy car repairs has been flagged for implementation.

3 Oct 2014 | A significant number of vehicles being fixed through insurance-companies' car repairers are being returned to NSW roads after undergoing shoddy repair jobs.

choice journalist kate browne using a thermomix

Thermomix issues fix for faulty TM31s

TM31 fault may cause spills and burns without this fix.

2 Oct 2014 | Vorwerk will replace seals for all affected Thermomix TM31s soon, says Thermomix Australia.

cn coca cola 250ml can lead

Coca-Cola downsizes to increase profits?

Coke serves up smaller cans and price point in the hope of capturing more consumers.

30 Sep 2014 | Coca-Cola Australia has launched a new small sized 250ml can at a low price to drive sales.

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