Apple announces iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Tech giant reveals 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, along with new Apple Watch, and takes on credit cards with a cashless mobile payment system

10 Sep 2014 | Apple has finally revealed its new, larger, iPhone models along with an Apple Watch and a new cashless mobile payments system. The announcements, revealed overnight at a special event in Apple’s home town of Cupertino, end months of speculation.


Microsoft, eBay and Google against Australia’s anti-piracy proposals

Tech industry giants urge rethink on copyright reforms

8 Sep 2014 | The Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA), which represents many major companies including Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Samsung and Motorola, releases their submission to the Attorney-General’s Department Online Copyright Infringement consultation.

dodgy man

ACCC takes alleged pyramid scheme Lyoness to court

Lyoness investigated by regulators throughout the world.

8 Sep 2014 | The ACCC has taken action against Lyoness, a company it alleges is operating as a pyramid scheme.

logos of major financial comparison sites

Inquiry exposes divided views over insurance comparison websites

Suncorp, IAG and others say the sites don't serve consumer interests.

5 Sep 2014 | The insurance industry continues to take a dim view of insurance comparison websites, but ASIC thinks they could serve a good purpose.

health star rating label

Star nutrition ratings can produce healthier food choices

Purchases of less nutritious foods declined after the introduction of a nutrition rating system in a large US supermarket chain.

2 Sep 2014 | Star nutrition ratings on food products result in shoppers buying a more nutritious mix of products, according to a new US study.


ACCC takes action against US-based games distributor Steam

Overseas gaming distributor, Steam, is in the spotlight for allegedly making false and misleading representations to Australian consumers.

1 Sep 2014 | US-based games distributor Steam is being taken to court for allegedly breaching Australian Consumer Law.


WHO releases report on e-cigarettes

Lack of research on long-term health effects prompts caution.

29 Aug 2014 | The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released a report on e-cigarettes, recommending restrictions should be placed on the marketing of the devices, their sale to minors and indoor use.

piggy bank and a power cord

Energy retailers fail the hardship test

A new survey shows energy retailers are failing low-income customers.

27 Aug 2014 | A new report by the Financial and Consumer Rights Council ranks energy retailers for financial hardship practices.


Time to fix financial advice

CHOICE calls for a ban on conflicted advice to protect consumers.

26 Aug 2014 | In our submission to the Financial System Inquiry, CHOICE is calling for a ban on conflicted advice and for the regulator to be given additional powers to protect consumers.

Pack some peace of mind logo

Governments launch advertising blitz on travel industry changes

The ‘Pack Some Peace of Mind’ advertising campaign has hit the airwaves – but what is it all about?

25 Aug 2014 | Government ad campaign aims to inform consumers about travel industry deregulation.

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